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Amazing Melted Crayon Art Ideas to Pour Your Heart Out on Canvas

Amazing Melted Crayon Art Ideas
Artists are always craving for new techniques to bring out their creativity or emotions in the form of art. Melted crayon art, though not a new technique, is also not very popular. It is an amazing blend of heat and colors. We give you some impressive melted crayon art ideas.
Christina Andrew
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Did You Know?
Melted crayon art is a genus of Encaustic Art (hot wax art) which takes us back to the 6th century! Then, they used melted beeswax and colored pigments to create paintings.
Crayons were something we used as kids, and we did it the conventional way! Now is the time to experiment with the coloring sticks we picked up, when we first learned about the existence of colors, to scribble on walls and papers, and practically any surface we could find around us -CRAYONS!

Here are some ideas to use melted crayons to create colorful riveting paintings! The basic ingredients for any piece of melted crayon art are the same. You need a canvas, crayons, and a heat source to melt them. You can melt them in the sun if working outdoors, or use hot air from a hair dryer. Paper crafts or small plastic objects can be used to add other elements to your artworks.
Colorful Rain
Colorful Rain
You can make lovely colorful rain by sticking crayons on the top of your tilted canvas all in a row with glue, and blowing hot air on them with a hair dryer, till the crayons start to melt. After the crayons dry, you can paint a happy girl getting wet in the rain, children enjoying the 'colorful' showers, a couple dancing in the rain, or just anything else you wish to.
Use a Combination of Colors
Combination of Colors
You can try the same technique with different colors in combination! A good sense of colors materializes into an amazing painting. You can choose a group of warm colors or cool colors, or a combination of contrasting ones. Put them together on a canvas and melt them to get something like the image shown below. Well, art cannot be confined to a set of colors, and any creation that looks good to the eyes is art.
Change the Tilt
Mixed Colors
Tilt the canvas after you have finished one side, and repeat the same procedure with some other color to get an amazing pattern like the one shown below. You can tilt the canvas in different angles too.
Add Accessories
Accessories in Colors
You can paint a scene by accessorizing the melted crayon painting with other objects like birds, flowers, and the like. If you want to add flowers, choose crayons of colors like green, yellow, or brown. Make paper flowers and stick them directly on the hot crayon wax or with glue.
Natural Image Paint
Here's an example of a waterfall painting with melted crayons. Draw a rough outline of a waterfall. Then paint with a hot glue gun, where instead of inserting glue, you can push in crayons. After this is done, you can add some craft by cutting out clouds, the sun, and birds from paper and sticking them above the waterfall.
Create Birds and Animals
Create Birds and Animals
For this painting, you will need to cut out a bird stencil and stick it on the canvas, then paint with a hot glue gun. Don't let the crayons dry before lifting the stencil, or the dried up melted crayons will break and get chipped off from the canvas.
Tiger in Colors
You can paint a tiger with a hot glue gun, without the use of a stencil, drawing a rough outline of the tiger, and then carefully coloring it.
Place Crayons under the Sun
Oil Pastes Colors
Break the crayons into small pieces and place them on a canvas under the sun, and your work is done! The rest will be done by the solar heat. You can smudge it a little with a sponge or brush or give some shapes to it. It's simple to do, but looks amazing.
Melted Color Pastes
Create Your Own Designs
Own Designs
Melt crayons in one or more colors collectively on the canvas and then make your own strokes with a brush or a sponge. Go circular or in any angle you like to give it a good pattern.
Heart in Colors
You can make one big shape of the color you like. Melt some yellow and orange crayons and make a bright star. Melt red crayons to make a heart. Kids can make some basic shapes in the colors they like, using melted crayons. Complex shapes or common objects such as a car, a box, a toy, or easy-to-draw fruits and vegetables can be used for slightly older kids. Instead of the conventional way to draw and color these, they can use melted crayons.
Add Texture
Texture Design
Textured paintings can be done when crayons are still in a melted state, by making rough strokes with a hard brush or any other material that can add texture to your painting. The images given here can be used as a reference.
Texture Designs
You just saw some interesting ways of using melted crayons to make amazing pieces of art. You can play with the strokes and angles, and also experiment with shapes. Right from simple uni-color objects to complex figures and textures, there is so much you can do with just crayons.