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Blue Flower Arrangements That Look too Beautiful to Be Real

Mamta Mule Mar 12, 2019
Worried about the blue flower arrangements to make for a theme party? Well, if you need some tips on floral arrangements using blue flowers, then you are on the right page. Here are some ideas to help you create eye-catching blue floral arrangements.
Arranging flowers is known to be one of the challenging tasks. When you have a bunch of blue flowers, making the right arrangements by using them alone or in combination with other flowers can be a slightly tough job.
Though you have plenty of ideas, you need to pick the right option for making the blue flower arrangements look lively and catchy. These flowers are popularly used for special occasions due to their unique charm. With the right floral arrangements, these flowers look class apart.
Here are some tips on making some fabulous arrangements for wedding decorations, bridal bouquets or party centerpieces.

Ideas to Choose From

Only Blues

The first and simplest arrangement is the one which is done using a bunch of single type of blue flowers.
Once you have chosen and purchased a bunch of flowers, all you need to get is a glass vase or blue colored porcelain vase. Place the bunch in this vase or tie a metallic silver ribbon to the same if you don't want to place it in the vase.
You can have a monochromatic color scheme with a floral bunch which includes light and dark blue colored flowers. Add navy blue, sky blue and those flowers which have a bluish gray tint.

Pairing Leaves and Twigs

You can make appealing arrangements by adding fresh green leaves and dried twigs to the bunch. Choose the flowers and accordingly add leaves to the bunch. For tall flowers it is best to add tall twigs instead of leaves.
Do not cut off the flower stalks or leaves from tall stems as they look nice when paired with dried twigs. You can have a tall blue floral arrangement by adding this entire bunch of flowers and twigs to a tall cylindrical glass vase. Adding leaves and grass blades to short flowers is the best way to make a fresh beautiful green and blue floral arrangement.

Fresh Floral Combinations

Now this can be a bit tricky as you need to add the right colored and sized flowers to the bunch of flowers. One of the best ideas is to pick white, off-white, pink, magenta, grayish flowers for making a perfect combination . Blue and white flowers with lots of green grass blades or leaves can also make beautiful looking arrangements.
To have a nicely shaped bouquet or bunch,  buy white or pink flowers of same type as that of the flowers. Even if you don't get different colored flowers in same type, try to maintain uniformity in terms of size to ensure that the bunch looks lovely.
Add large flowers at the center, graced with white and pink colored smaller flowers from all sides which are further graced with very few leaves. Grass blades coming out from the bunch in-between look simply awesome.

Fancy Holders and Vases

Any floral arrangement can't be finished without a perfect flower holder, vase or tie up ribbons. If you are making a hand bouquet, opt for fancy satin ribbons or laces to tie up the same.
Metallic ribbons offer the best way to tie up the bunch of flowers so as to hold the well-arranged pieces in place. Apart from these, you can find plenty of options in flower holders and vases.
Transparent glass, frosted glass and porcelain vases make the best options to place the flowers.
Trendy and designer flower holders are also available in a range of options from which you can choose a suitable piece. Make sure that you stick to transparent, white or shades of blue while buying a flower vase or holder.
No matter where you place well-arranged bunch of flowers, do add narrow ribbons and grace the tall vases with golden tulle to have a well dressed centerpiece ready to jazz up the space.
You will surely be eager to try a few attractive arrangements, right? Then what are you waiting for, grab the best flowers, twigs and lovely white and pink flowers like calla lilies, rose, Gerbera, and get ready to create lovely bouquets and arrangements graced with colorful ribbons and delicate flower vases.