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Great Ideas for Butterfly Arts and Crafts: Keep Your Kids Engaged

Megha Tiwari Apr 21, 2019
Do you want to learn some crafts related to butterflies? Here are some simple ideas for your kids to make butterflies.
An engaging activity that breeds creativity in children is art and craft. This activity not only keeps the kids busy, but also gives them an opportunity to develop their personality. In fact, it will not be wrong if we say that even adults love participating in such activities.
It can act as a stress buster for the adults as well. If you don't agree, then try art and craft once and see. You will surely love it.

Beaded Butterfly

  • Wire (fifty centimeters)
  • Eleven assorted beads
  • Glue
Put one bead in the wire and secure it at the top, with the help of glue. This becomes the first antenna for the butterfly. Twist the wires in a round shape and make a set of wings out of it, and place five beads in each. This will be the higher set of wings.
Now repeat the same steps for making the second antenna and then again another set of wings, but this time they are to be of a smaller size as they are the bottom set of wings. Your butterfly is now ready to fly. You can use it to decorate cards, scrapbooks or arrange them with flowers.

Butterfly Bookmark

  • Drawing sheet
  • Glue
  • Stick
  • Scissors
  • Wax colors or water colors
Now let us capture the butterfly in the form of bookmarks. Draw a shape of a butterfly on the drawing sheet. You can draw it in freehand or take a readymade stencil with which you can trace the shape easily. Color the butterfly the way you like, either with wax colors or water colors.
Do not forget to draw its eyes and antennas, to give it a realistic touch. Cut out the figure from the drawing sheet and stick it on the craft stick with the help of glue. Let the glue dry for half an hour. Make as many as you want, and your butterflies are ready to accompany you in reading any book.

Dotted Butterfly

  • Pink and black paper
  • Pom poms of three colors and sizes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
The dotted butterfly can be made very quickly. Draw a shape of a wing on the pink paper. Cut four identical wings from the outline you just made. Draw the shape of a butterfly's body on the black sheet and cut it out.
Now, stick two wings on both the sides of the body. Do not forget to draw antennas on your butterfly, otherwise they will not be able to locate you! Lastly, stick the colorful pom poms on the wings to make them dotted. Hey! Your dotted butterfly is ready for its flight.

Butterfly Barrette

  • Barrette
  • Marker
  • Felt of five different colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Choose a barrette that is flat from the top. Fold the felt in half and draw the shape of the butterfly on it. The length of the butterfly should be equal to the length of the barrette. Now cut the shape of the butterfly by keeping the felt in the folded position. Cut small round shapes from the felt of other three colors and stick them on the wings.
Cut other details as well like the body, antennas, and eyes and stick them on to the butterfly body. Now open the barrette and stick the butterfly on the top and lock it with a square felt underneath the barrette. Your barrette butterfly is now ready to be added to your beautiful hair.
These were some decorative art ideas for the kids to enjoy in their vacations. Children can even make them at school. The best thing about these craft activities is that they are easy to make. So teach your kids these craft ideas and let their creativity come through.