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This Beautiful Butterfly Art Will Simply Make Your Heart Flutter

Butterfly Art
Butterflies are beautiful creatures and are used as a theme for all types of arts and craft projects. Here are some ideas that will captivate the artist in you.
CraftCue Staff
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018
Handmade Yellow And White Butterfly
Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures in the world. There are thousands of butterfly species identified. They are found in literally every color known to man. There are several meanings associated with butterflies.
They are also very popular in arts and crafts since a lot of creative items can be made using butterfly as a theme, as a subject or an inspiration. Here are myriad ideas and types of arts that are based on butterflies.
Butterfly Drawing and Painting
red butterfly flower drawing
Butterflies are often found in nature drawings, landscapes, abstract art, etc. If you love drawing and sketching, you can begin freehand drawing lessons with a picture of a butterfly. It is one of the easiest thing to draw.
blue watercolor butterfly
Once you master the basic procedure, you can make variations and have different designs. You can also learn sketching techniques and create your own art collection. Secondly, if you want to teach your kids drawing and color combination, you can take an inspiration from the given pictures.
Butterfly Crafts
Creative Paper Butterfly
Now that you have learned how to draw a butterfly, why not put your art to good use to make something useful. Among the different arts and crafts, making a greeting card is the easiest and simplest one.
yellow origami butterfly
You can draw small butterflies on different colored papers, cut them, and paste them directly on the greeting card paper. Just add your wishes with a creative message, color with vibrant colors, and your personalized greeting card is ready!
blue butterfly paper craft
Another fascinating project is to draw different varieties of butterflies, cut them, and use them to decorate your scrapbook or art book. Secondly, these colorful butterflies can be used as stickers for your bags, charts, etc. One of the other interesting preschool butterfly art is to fix these butterflies on magnets and use them as fridge magnets.
If you are looking for interesting crafts for teenagers, then making butterfly barrettes, decorating hair-bands and purses with butterflies are some unique ideas. You can buy an ordinary barrette, draw a small butterfly design on a satin cloth, cut it, and paste it on the barrette.
Secondly, you can also use embroidery to make butterfly designs on your clothes, purse, bags, etc. Beaded butterfly patterns can be made using colorful beads of different sizes and shapes. It never goes out of fashion!
Butterfly Tattoos and Face Painting
pink butterfly face painting
You must have noticed that butterfly designs have dominated the tattoo culture all over the world. As mentioned here, butterflies are associated with different virtues like freedom, free living, etc.
blue green butterfly tattoo
In some cultures, butterflies are believed to be holy creatures that carry one's soul to the heaven after the persons' death. Secondly, a pair of butterflies is also believed to symbolize love.
Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
On the other hand, if you do not wish to go for the permanent tattoos, you can go for semi-permanent (those that last for a few days like henna tattoos) and temporary ones (lasting for a day or two).
Butterfly Girl
Butterfly is also one of the popular themes for face painting due to its colorful and attractive nature. You need to be careful about the colors you use for painting to avoid skin problems. Henna is one of the safest types of temporary tattoo to be made on hands and feet.
"Capturing" Butterflies
Now, apart from crafts, drawings, and decorations, let's get to something REAL. Yes, art using real butterflies as your theme; without actually harming them! Exotic art and butterfly photography are the two options in this category.
Exotic Art
As a kid you must have loved chasing butterflies and capturing them in your fist. Well, it is of course inhuman and do not think of following it as an art venture. However, if you come across a beautiful dead butterfly and do not have a heart to dump it away, why not preserve it to make art frames?
dried butterfly collection
Exotic butterfly art is all about preserving dead butterflies and mounting them on frames to make a beautiful object of art! You can make this yourself by preserving a butterfly, then mounting it on an attractive frame for a lifetime.
dried butterfly frame
This type of art is highly commercialized today and very much in demand. So rather than capturing butterflies, look for the dead ones that can be preserved.
Butterfly Photography
Checkered Swallowtail Butterfly
Talking about 'capturing' butterflies, rather than chasing them, take a snap in your new camera. You may admire the beautiful butterflies fluttering in your garden, so, brush up your photography skills for wonderful butterfly pictures.
Glasswing Butterfly On Flower
Initially you may get dull or blurred ones but practice makes man perfect! You can develop your pictures and make beautiful frames, paste them on paper to make greeting cards, or create your own butterfly calendar. There are just endless options to this art.
Given here are some craftcue images of butterflies that showcase the skills of photography defining beauty and grace:
butterfly photos
butterfly photos
butterfly pics
butterfly pics
You can try to learn either of these art forms and once mastered, you can try out the other ones. Lastly, remember arts and crafts is all about imagination and creativity. Good luck!