Carnation Flower Arrangements

Carnation Flower Arrangements

Known for their delicate appearance and long life span, carnations are a staple in any floral arrangement. Read on to know more about flower arrangements and instructions.
Being ideal for any floral arrangement, carnations are favored by most florists and flower lovers. They are flowering plants having the scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus. They have been cultivated for past 2,000 years and are native to the Mediterranean region. Though carnations come in a variety of sizes and colors, their traditional colors are pink, white, red, and yellow. Their ruffled appearance, clove-like fragrance, and extended blooming period so captivate people that in some countries, these are more preferred than roses. Also, this is the national flower of Spain and the birth flower of those born in January. It is no wonder that the flower arrangements with carnations are much sought after.

Pink carnations were among the first to be discovered, and have maintained their popularity and likability irrespective of the emergence of more uniquely colored varieties. The delicate shade of pink looks delightful and pleasing to sight, especially when mixed with brighter pink flowers, such as hot pink roses. Thus arranged, they serve as best gifts for various occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, Mother's day, etc. Likewise, red carnations, for their robust color and wildfire-like appearance, symbolize love and passion, and are ideal for Valentine's day flower bouquets. White carnations stand for purity and innocence, and are used to reflect budding romance or just friendship. Hence, taken together, these diverse colored flowers can create a vibrant, colorful floral arrangement that suits all events and celebrations.

Flower Arrangements with Carnations

Since carnations can live for a considerably long period of time (7 - 14 days, if cared for properly), they spread cheer and happiness long after the event is over. Large carnations can be used to give a bold and dramatic look, while small or mini ones can introduce subtle of excitement and joy. There are many beautiful and elegant ways for carnations to be used in floral arrangements, some of which are explained below:
  • Baskets:
    Flower baskets are one of the best ways in which to arrange carnations. A basket filled with carnations of different sizes and colors can make up a beautiful and appealing bouquet. In the spring, one can create a basket containing mini-carnations, baby's breath, and daisies, which would last at least a week or so, as all these flowers have a long shelf life. And for other seasons, carnations with an assortment of greens and spider mums would look great.
  • Tall Vase:
    Carnations cut to different heights and placed in a bud vase with some baby's breath and a bow would be look amazing. One can add some greenery in the vase to fill up the bare spots in the arrangement. For larger vases, placing white variegated carnations with red roses would be a splendid idea. Also, statice, which is a multi-stemmed flower with a very unusual texture, looks beautiful with red or white carnations.
  • Centerpieces:
    Carnations of varying colors and sizes, with some mums, aster, or snapdragons to add some flair, can serve as exquisite and beautiful centerpieces. One can also place a tapered candle in the middle of the floral arrangement, to create a formal table centerpiece.

White or pink carnations can be the most likable flower gift for any occasion, especially if you do it all by yourself. Given below are step-by-step easy instructions for making floral arrangements with carnations.
  • Choose carnations of your favorite colors and hold them together in multiples of 12, i.e., 12, 24, or 36.
  • Hold any three carnations in your hand in a roughly triangular shape, around 6 inches from each other, at slightly varying heights to make the bouquet look like a nice, big bunch.
  • Add a carnation to each one in your hand in such a way that it forms a bigger triangle by placing them at different levels.
  • Now, add two carnations on each of the three groups so that the entire bunch would look to have a circular outer edge. Keep adding more flowers until it forms one full set.
  • Wrap the bunch of flowers around the stems with the help of a tape, and then cover the tape with a ribbon.
  • Using scissors, cut the stems an inch below the ribbon, and place the bouquet in a vase containing water. Moisten the flower with water and keep the bouquet at a cool place.
Carnations are attractive, hardy, and affordable flowers which are very popular and lovable all round the year. Whether you choose colored carnations or a monochromatic carnation arrangement for a gift or for decoration purpose, it will be loved and appreciated by your guests or recipients. For the longevity of flowers, keep them in clean vases having fresh and mildly warm water. Remove the leaves below the water level, and avoid keeping this arrangement in direct sunlight and/or heat.
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