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Clay Modeling Ideas

Puja Lalwani Apr 23, 2019
Clay modeling is a highly creative activity that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. To give you the little spark that will light a beautiful fire, here's a look into some clay modeling ideas that you will enjoy creating. Take a look.
Clay is a highly versatile material. It so beautifully transforms into any shape we want it to, to become anything that we want it to. Moreover, it allows us to add the beauty of color to it, so that it truly represents our creation, and loses its identity in the process.
Being as sturdy as it is, we can model something extremely tiny to something huge from this wonderful material. There is so much that can be done with clay. But when this malleable element is in our hands, we find ourselves lost for some great ideas. Here, we try to provide some clay modeling ideas that you can experiment with, or draw inspiration from.

Simple Ideas

Clay can easily be modeled into anything by using additional tools like stencils and clay shaping tools. While creating masterpieces with clay takes a lot of time and effort, you can start off with simple creations that will allow you to get a hang of the entire technique that goes into clay modeling. Here are some ideas that you can inspire from.

Initials for your Room Door

Modeling letters from clay is perhaps the simplest thing possible. Start simple by modeling clay into your initials, or your whole name, decorate it according to your personal style, and place it on your room door.
The letters could be sharp or round, or in any font you want. In fact, if you are feeling a little adventurous, model your initials with clay in a different script. Use a tray as a backdrop and hang it on your door. Or, attach each letter to a sturdy string, and let it hang from the top of your door (something like a wind chime). Great idea, isn't it?

3D Bookmarks

For the avid reader, a bookmark made of clay may be one of the best gifts you could give her/him. Of course, the option of making it for your reading pleasure is also available. So the idea is to use a cardboard base, and model small figures, shapes, or any other objects and stick them on the bookmark.
For instance, you could model stars with a night sky as the backdrop on the bookmark. The stars could be decorated with glitter to truly shine. These stars would ideally be only on the top area of the bookmark so that it fits into books well. This was one example and there are several other ideas you can dabble with, within this idea.

Scrolls with Personal Messages

This is another clay model that would make a great gift for someone on their birthday or any special day, where you would carve out how special that person is to you, on a clay base. Model a plaque or a scroll from clay. Make it as long as you would like your message to be.
Also make room for any embellishments you would like to add around the message. Now either using a free hand or stencils, carve out your message on the clay base. Once it hardens, you could paint it with metallic colors so that the writing stands out.
While this would make a great gift, it can also make a great artifact for your home where you may carve out your thoughts or some of your favorite quotes and place it on a wall highlighted with an accent color.


Different pieces of jewelry can be modeled from clay like pendants, bangles and earrings. While bangles may be the easiest to model, pendants can be shaped into anything, painted accordingly, and put through a string to make a necklace.
Now some of you may want to make the chain from clay too. This is alright as long as it can bear the weight of the pendant. You don't want it to snap suddenly and put your hard work to waste. Earrings again can be designed in a variety of shapes, probably to match the pendants you have modeled from clay.

Large Chess Pieces

To create an artifact for your home, you can replicate any chess piece of your choice, but in a larger size. Modeling such a big piece of clay may require a little more expertise. Once hardened, you may then spray paint it into a regal color such as a bronze or a dull gold. Even silver is a great idea. These colors will of course, vary based on the décor.
Place this artifact on the floor in the corner of a room (probably highlighted with a soft light), or on a vanity table in your living room. If you can manage it, make a chess piece large enough to function as a coat hanger! Yes, it will take some hard work, but will look simply awesome anywhere you place it.
So modeling clay is not such a bad idea after all, is it? There is so much to experiment with, so much color to add, so much to bring to life, that you just can't be out of ideas!