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Beautify Your Photo Collage With These Lovely Frame Ideas

Tulika Nair Feb 15, 2019
You have created a collage of all your favorite pics and now you are unable to come up with creative frame ideas that you can use to create a truly unique frame for your photo collage. We give you some ideas.
Memories are always precious to us and we have many different ways of reliving these memories. One of these ways is to look at those photos that have captured some of our favorite moments with your family, friends and other loved ones.
While sometimes it is pleasant to look back at these photos while flipping through photo albums, sometimes it is nice to have this reminder in front of us all the time. What better to way to collate these memories together than creating a photo collage?
And once you have created the photo collage, all you need to do is to place it in a nice frame. But if you want a frame that is as unique as your collage, then you can use different ideas for the frame of the collage.

Frames for Collages

How do you choose a frame for a collage? Well, the simplest way to select a frame is to choose it depending on the collage idea that you have used to create the photo collage.
If there is a theme that has been used throughout, then it may be a good idea to follow the same theme for the frame as well. If not, well there are many simple ideas that you can use to create collage frames.


Can you use jewelry as a photo frame? Well, why not. There are many ways in which you can use bangles to create collage frames. Use whole bangles as frames for photos that can be cut out in a circular fashion to be placed inside the bangle.
Do this for every photo that you intend to use for the collage and then create a wind chime with the bangles using transparent thread. Another idea that you can use is to create a normal frame using pieces of bangles that are stuck together on a basic frame.

Dried Leaves

When we talk about using dried leaves for a collage frame, you need to understand that the leaves need to be dried properly and treated and varnished or painted, so that they do not crumble over time.
Use dried leaves of a frame that has been fashioned out of twigs. Place the photos in a purposely haphazard manner and in the gaps stick dried leaves and twigs.
You can also choose to use dried flower petals in the gaps to give the frame a slightly more colorful and bright appearance. This can be a great addition to any collage.


Celebrating all your trips to the beach and all your holidays? Well, enhance the memory of your trips by creating a collage frame that matches the theme of all your photos.
On your next trip to the beach, collect all those shells that appeal to you. It would be great if you could also get a container with golden sand in it. Now use the two on a basic wooden frame and create a beautiful collage frame that will only enhance the photos placed inside.
To create the frame you will have to use a quick and long staying glue to stick the shells and the sand to the frame. Use transparent pearl drop beads here and there to give the appearance of water clinging on to the shells.


A gorgeous idea for a photo frame is to use eggshells to create a unique collage frame. To make a photo frame you will first need to clean the eggshells properly and dry them. Break them into small pieces so that you can stick it to an unadorned photo frame without any problem.
Use clear glue over the frame to stick the eggshells on it. You can choose to paint the eggshells in different colors if you want a more colorful frame than just a plain white one. You can also choose to intersperse the eggshells with bright beads or decorate the tips of the frame with ribbons.
Other than the ideas mentioned here, you can use a variety of different ideas. Stained glass, reflective mirror broken into smaller pieces, recycled papers, letter stencils, all make for very good frames for collages. Just pick an idea that you like and create a collage frame that everyone is sure to admire.