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Adorn Your Home and Class With Very Artistic Collage Ideas

Priya Johnson Sep 30, 2018
Collages give us the freedom to display our personalities and also keep memories we cherish, alive on our walls as long as we live. Collages are great ways to jazz up classrooms, bedrooms, etc. Read on to more.
Collage is an intriguing form of art, involving the assemblage of different kinds of stuff like paper, photographs, pictures, fabric, etc. to form something interesting and meaningful. Collages are great ice-breakers and are often used to get people at summer camps, etc. to get to know one another.
Children love collage activities, simply because this form of art allows them to be as creative as they want. Moreover, it helps them get all messy, with the glue on their fingers, which thrills them to the core.
Collages can also be used as an educational tool, to drive home certain points at seminars and educational sessions. It is also a great means to bring out new ideas, from creative minds. There are different kinds of collages that can be made.

Creative Collage Ideas

A collage is basically the assemblage of colorful and interesting materials, to form a final picture. The type of material used to form the collage creates the difference. There is no hard and fast rule, as to what you should use to create a collage, so use your creativity and have fun! Here are some collage ideas you can use.

Magazine Collages

Old magazines are required to make this collage. This collage is suitable if you are dealing with a large group of people. When conducting a collage activity with 20-40 people, it is not feasible to get expensive things, thus, magazines are the best option.
Just divide the people into 3-4 groups and give them a large sheet of construction paper each. Give them a theme like global warming, end of the world, our planet in the future, relationships, etc. and ask them to prepare a collage using material from the magazines.
No scissors are allowed, so they need to tear the pictures with their fingers only. The irregular sides give a wonderful appearance to the collage. In the same manner, you can also prepare a newspaper collage, wherein you replace magazines with newspapers.

Photo Collages

The best way to give the guests coming to your place a snapshot of you and your family's life is by having a photo or picture collage on the wall. It's an amazing way to keep memories alive in your living room!
To prepare a photo collage you need loads of photographs, from the time you were born to the growing up years, to the current time. Cut these pictures in different shapes and sizes and paste them onto a cardboard sheet or large construction paper. Stick them at different angles, such that the final picture looks nice.
In a collage we do not need any pattern; it has to look random, yet appealing. You could also have a wedding photo collage or baby photo collage.

Fabric Collages

Often, while conducting activities in schools, we have to keep coming up with something new, to keep children occupied. When paper collages become common, you could go for the fabric collage, wherein you can used fabric in place of paper.
You could cut up old clothes into small pieces and place them in a large cardboard box. Make sure you have a large variety of colors and patterns, if not all colors, at least the primary colors. Give the groups a theme and a pair of scissors as well. You will be amazed at how creative people can be with small pieces of fabric.

Wall Collage

A wall collage will give your room a jazzy look. Having a wall collage extending from the floor to the ceiling with old photographs, cards given by loved ones, bookmarks, movie tickets, love notes, posters, sketches, etc. simply changes the feel and look of the room.
Those interested in cherishing old times, should totally try this out! For a more formal look, you could prepare a collage of several photo frames. Just have them made in different sizes and place them artistically on the wall to resemble a collage.
Besides the given ideas, there are several other collage ideas, such as 3D collages, rainbow collages, retro collage, sports collages, pet collages, etc. Depending on your interest area, choose the type of collage you want to make!