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How to Use Colored Duct Tape to Make Various Trendy Crafts

Mamta Mule Feb 17, 2019
Colored duct tape is an extremely useful material that can be used to make various trendy crafts. Available in a number of colors, you can use them creatively and have a matching fashion accessory ready. Here's more about colored duct tape.
Duct tape is an extremely useful thing. There are several uses of duct tape and it is a classic item for an emergency fix. Be it a plastic object or fabric of your dress, you can instantly patch it up using a duct tape.
Available in several colors, such as golden, silver, red, blue, yellow, red, etc. it makes your job easier. No need to mention the popular dresses. Here's the procedure of a few useful items that you can make using the colored tape.

Duct Tape Handbag

Things you'll need to make one of the most useful, the crafts for women are as mentioned here. Ruler, scissors and duct tape of your favorite color.

1. Cut 6 strips of tape. Each strip must be 12 inches in length. Place one strip horizontally, with the sticky side up.

2. Now place the next besides it, slightly overlapping, sticky side up. Now keep on placing rest of the 4 strips in same way.

3. Get 6 more strips and lay over the first patch following the same procedure. Just keep the sticky side down this time. One panel is ready.

4. Now make two more such panels.

5. Cut two strips, 4 inches wide, from the third panel, these will be the sides of your purse. Make one more such strip to form the base of this handbag.
6. Neatly connect all the pieces with same colored tape to form the handbag.

7. Use remaining strips or you can also use multicolored tape to make the handles. Using the remaining pieces of panel you can add a pocket to the inner side of the bag.
8. Give it a finishing touch with a multicolored or contrast colored tape to make a lovely border.

9. To make a designer bag you can have the strips of two or more colors stuck horizontally on the bag.

Duct Tape Skirt

You'll need a measuring tape, scissors and colored tape for getting this craft done. You can pick a trendy color like red or whichever color you want to.

1. Start making the mini skirt by measuring your hips and of course the height you want. Add two more inches to both these measurements and write down these numbers.

2. Now cut a strip of tape of a length that is ½ of the hip measurement plus one inch. Lay it on a flat surface with the sticky side up.
3. Cut one more strip of the same length and place it besides this one, slightly overlapping. Now add more strips in similar fashion until they form a piece of height equal to the desired height of skirt.
4. Now take the same number and length of strips as you needed in steps 2 and 3. Place them in a similar fashion, on the previously stuck strips, keeping sticky side down. So a panel is ready that is the front part of your skirt.
5. Now make one more such panel for the back side.

6. Now slightly cut the borders of both panels to get rid of sticky parts.

7. Using a tape of same color to hold the two panel over each other and tape one of their vertical sides together to have a single open panel ready.
8. Hold it around your waist to check the size, mark extra part with pencil. Make sure you leave some space so that you can easily wear it.

9. Now tape the open ends together and secure properly.
10. Cut a 3 - 4 inches slit at one side on top of the skirt. Add buttons and make hooks using the tape to close and open this slit.

11. You can also add a contrast tape at the lower border to give it a pretty look.
Finally, if you are wondering where to buy tape, let me tell you that you can find it online or in craft supplies stores. You can buy cheap tape from various online stores, specifically selling craft items or just various varieties of adhesive tapes.