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Common Characteristics of Contemporary Art

Intan Suminar Feb 7, 2019
Contemporary art is a figure that has always been the focus of public controversy. Although contemporary art is an art of the present era that is experiencing a system of development, its representation is not that simple.
Although it has been widely exhibited in contemporary art gallery, there is still a lot of controversy about contemporary art in the community.

There is no division between various assorted arts with the merging of boundaries between painting, sculpture, craft, theater, music, and so on.
Issues discussed are equality between ethnicity and gender, human rights, environment, customary values and other diversity of unity.

Having a moralistic passion that is related to social and political dimensions as a thesis.
Because its nature is still radical and controversial, contemporary art tends to be in demand by masses to be used as commodity discourse - as news actuality with current and fashionable issues.
Prioritizing new types of art places like installations, performance art, videos and so on. Do not discriminate and accept popular works as a form of art.