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14 Cool Things You Can Easily Create With Your Old Sweaters

14 Cool Things To Make With Old Sweaters
Winters arrive with lots of beauty, love, and a conundrum of what to wear, which would not only keep us warm, but would also retain our style or perhaps enhance it. Old sweaters are one such apparel, which you neither want to discard, nor do you feel like retaining them. Wouldn't it be great if we could transform them into something completely different and new!
Smruti Hingnikar
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Are you bored of wearing your same old sweater? You may have many sweaters that still look brand new, even after years of wearing them, but you somehow have gotten bored of wearing them repeatedly. Here are some cool ways in which you can reuse, recycle, and repurpose your old sweater.
Wrist warmers
They are similar to wristbands - just in wool and cuter than the normal ones. Cut the cuffs of your old sweater, re-knit or stick the corners with a glue gun to avoid them from raveling.
Mittens (with fingers and finger-less)
To make mittens cut the sleeves of your sweater according to the size of your palm. Sew them from the front end, and re-knit from the rear end. Simple and warm!
Pom pom baby hats
Who doesn't love it? A warm cute hat with a pom-pom ball on top. A fancy and useful thing to wear. Just cut the lower part of your sweater in an elongated shape. Knit the two pieces together. Make a matching pom-pom ball and stitch it to the top. Viola! You are done.
Sweater Pumpkin
A pumpkin can be a decorative item when Christmas and New Year is around the corner. Or simply to lend a cozy, creative look to a corner of your room. It's easy. Cut a big square piece of the sweater, stuff it with feathers and cotton in the center. Pull up all the corners evenly and press it from the middle and tie the knot like a pumpkin. Your pumpkin ball is ready to spread its charm.
Gift box wrapper
Just wrap a large square piece of sweater evenly around a gift box. Tie a knot like a chocolate and fix it with glue. Decorate it with ribbons, artificial flowers, and buttons. People will love your creativity.
Are you bored with that old, sad-looking sweater? Pep it up by turning into a cardigan. Just cut the front of your sweater like a shirt, re-knit the ends. You have got yourself a new and stylish cardigan. You can sew buttons to enhance its look.
This trick adds to your style by making you glamorous and 'hot' at the same time. Just cut the upper part of the sweater, right from where the sleeves start. Take the lower portion and re-knit it from the opened edge to prevent it from raveling. Wear it with a broad belt, and your mini skirt is ready to be flaunted!
Cup warmers
Little cute cup jackets. Just cut the cuffs of your sweater. Re-knit the edges and put them around the cup or coffee mug.
Pillow covers
The wider part of a sweater can be stitched into a rectangular piece and can be used as a pillow cover.
Socks or slippers
Yet another funky use of sleeves is to create socks or slippers. Cut the sleeves. Knit the end corners. Sew them up from one end, and that's it!
Bottle covers
Transform an ordinary bottle into something grand, or just cover your champagne bottle with an elegant woolen cover. Cut the sleeves of your sweater. Stitch them from one end. Decorate the end with laces, stones, and other decorative items. Place your bottle inside the cover, and tie the neck with a beautiful ribbon. Wow!
Something warm around your neck. Cut a thin, long strip from your sweater, re-knit the ends and wear it around your neck.
Braided headbands
Braid a band from thin strips cut out of the sweater, and wear it around your head. Cool!
Dog sweaters
This one is my favorite. Your puppy also needs warmth during the cold days when he goes out for a walk. Make a cute, vibrant, sweater and let him have a cheerful and cozy walk!
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