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Craft Picture Frames

Mukta Gaikwad Sep 26, 2018
Can't think of ideas use up the junk you don't have the heart to throw? Here's how to do it with craft picture frames for kids with these waste materials.
Photographs are priceless treasures, which deserve a creative exhibition. Making craft picture frames is the perfect way of fixing the unforgettable memories in handmade frames.
These frames are also a great ideas of keeping kids engaged in an activity that makes them think differently. When boredom strikes on lazy Sunday afternoons, making handmade picture frames is an ideal way of spending time with kids.
Such frames can be made out of waste material such as woolen threads, bits and pieces of paper, never-to-be-used cloth pieces, randomly collected shells, feathers, colorful stones, and other random materials.

Making Picture Frames for Kids

Flower Frame

This is one of the popular craft ideas for picture frames. To make this, you will need cardboard rectangle, scissors, colors (paint or crayons), and the photograph you intend to frame.
Mark the measurements of the photograph on the cardboard. Now trace out a flower template on the cardboard and cut it out. Decorate the flower as per your liking and let it dry.
You can use your wildest imagination to make the wildest flower for decorating picture frame. Meanwhile, cut out another piece of cardboard, which is slightly bigger than the picture. Paste the picture onto it and place the flower on top. Voila...your flower picture frame is ready to adorn the wall in your bedroom!

Foam Frame

Craft foam picture frames look amazing and colorful. You can either use foam stickers or cut out shapes to make scenes on the frames with foam sheets. To make this picture frame you will need, colored foam sheets or stickers, scissors, glue, ruler, and photograph. Cut a piece of foam from the foam sheet a little bigger than the size of your picture.
Stick the photograph on the sheet. Make border of contrasting color and decorate it with stickers or cut outs. You can make footballs, clouds, flowers, stars, and other abstract designs too for a decorative frame. Once the sticking dries, make a small loop with a thread on the back and hang it on the wall.

Potpourri Frame

The old potpourri is of no good use. Recycling it as decorating material for your craft wooden picture frames, creative riddance of rubbish material is a good idea. For making a wooden frame, you don't really need wood.
Remember those wooden stick on ice cream candies? Yes! That's all you need to make wooden frames. Clean those sticks and paint them in the color of your choice for a frame. Cut out a cardboard piece a little larger than the photograph you want frame.
Paste the picture on the cardboard and paste the frame around the picture. Now decorate the frame with the potpourri, for an autumn look!

Bottle Cork Frame

Colas are the perfect drink for summers. But what do you do with a innumerable bottle corks? A picture frame, of course! For framing the picture, you will need corks, adhesive glue, cardboard, and picture.
Cut out a cardboard piece a little bigger than the size of the picture and paste the photograph on it. On the remaining border of the cardboard piece, paste the bottle corks to make a design of your choice. You can use an adhesive magnet tape for this frame to keep the bottle corks in place.
You can also use with shells, instead of bottle corks to make these crafty frames. All you need to do to come up with wonderful frames, is, think creatively. Making picture frames is very easy and entertaining. Have fun making these frames and framing memories forever!