10 Craft Stores Like Hobby Lobby

If you're into arts and crafts at all, chances are you love shopping for the supplies, which means you must have heard of the wide variety of choices available at Hobby Lobby. However, if you're looking for alternatives to this store, you've come to the right page. CraftCue gives you a list of 10 stores just like Hobby Lobby.
CraftCue Staff
Did You Know?
Hobby Lobby started out as a modest, family-owned arts and crafts store in 1972. Today, it has expanded to over 550 stores all over the United States.
Valentine's Day is coming up and it's probably a good idea to make presents this year instead of the standard box of chocolates or flowers. However, if you decide to make the presents, make sure they're not a flar-lar-lar  like the one Chandler makes in FRIENDS, which is, basically nothing! Getting back to the point, even if you're not an artsy-craftsy  kind of person, I'm pretty sure you still like shopping for the supplies. I mean, it's very hard to resist the beautiful colors and all the gorgeous material when you're standing in a store, surrounded by them. Plus, it's almost as if they're beseeching you to take a look at them! Whenever I go to any of these stores, I am awestruck by the wide range of choices. Every. Single. Time.Does this happen to you, too?
Hobby Lobby, as we all know, is a popular chain of crafts stores all over the United States and is a favorite among those who love to spend their day shopping for these cheerful, vibrant supplies. However, there are others who would prefer shopping at stores similar to Hobby Lobby for various reasons, and we have found the following 10 stores particularly delightful. We bring to you a list of Hobby Lobby alternatives, in no particular order.
Craft Stores Like Hobby Lobby
With stores located all over America and an online store that boasts of thousands of products (and not just limited to crafts supplies!), Michaels is one of the most popular alternatives to Hobby Lobby. Along with a wide range of items to fulfill your art needs, Michaels also offers online classes, and a number of discounts and irresistible online deals that will definitely make your day. Don't forget to check out their awesome blog!
Company Website: Michaels
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
Carefully selected products, a wide choice, and regular attractive deals are what make Jo-Ann the much-loved company that it is. Again, the products available at Jo-Ann are not limited to crafts, but also include baking essentials, fabrics, home décor, and a lot more. Jo-Ann also offers online classes in addition to unique, creative tips on their blog. If you'd prefer shopping online, Jo-Ann does ship products in the U.S. and Canada.
Company Website: Jo-Ann
A.C. Moore
Exclusively and passionately dedicated to arts and crafts supplies, A.C. Moore has 140 stores all over the East Coast, all offering an amazing collection of items that will satiate your creative hunger. For those who aren't living on the East Coast, don't fret! A.C. Moore has an online store, with just the same amount of choices, so you can definitely sit at home and order whatever you want. Visit their website for special sales and discounts, too.
Company Website: AC Moore
Pat Catan's
We can trace the history of Pat Catan's Arts and Crafts stores back to 1954, when a former WWII pilot, Pat Catan, opened the first store of this family-owned company that would go on to expand to 28 stores over the years. Along with an assortment of the best brands of crafts supplies, Pat Catan's also offers ready-to-wear fashion accessories. Though they don't have an online store yet, it is worth paying one of their stores a visit.
Company Website: Pat Catan's
Artist and Craftsman Supply
It's all in the name, need I say any more? What started as a store opened mainly out of anger in 1985, A&C Supply has today expanded to having 23 stores located in 14 states in the U.S., as well as an online store. For great deals and discounts, check out the website of this 'employee-owned store' that offers only the best.
Factory Direct Craft
Factory Direct Craft is a successful family-owned company that offers a lot more than just crafts supplies, but also home décor, decoration material for holidays and festivals, and wedding supplies, to name a few. Established in 1985, FDC has today expanded to a successful company that delivers countless delightful products practically all over the world. Yep, that's right! Check out their website for more information.
Company Website: Factory Direct Craft
Plaid Enterprises
Plaid Enterprises is considered to be among the world's best manufacturers of creative material, especially of items that can be used in unique DIY projects. Though Plaid does not have its own stores, it does have a large online one that offers a massive choice of creative items, in addition to making its products available through several retails stores all over the U.S.
Company Website: Plaid Enterprises
With its motto etched clearly in its name, CreateForLess is the ideal choice for those looking to buy supplies in fairly large quantities. Teachers, designers, and professionals, this online store is for you! Create For Less operates online and offers a wide range of arts and crafts supplies at discounted rates. Their quick and reliable shipping policies are like the cherry on a cake!
Company Website: CreateForLess
The Hobby Company of San Francisco
Though The Hobby Company of San Francisco has only one store located at 16th Avenue, San Francisco, it does have an online store where people from all over the country can browse through and choose to purchase a variety of attractive arts and crafts products. The Hobby Company has been in this business for over three decades, making it truly an expert in knowing what we require to get our creativity buzz. Pay them a visit, or check them out online, they're worth it.
Company Website: The Hobby Co.
Sunshine Discount Crafts
Sunshine Discount Crafts is another crafts store that, like Hobby Lobby, offers a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies. However, this company runs online and does not have a physical store as such. Sunshine Discount Crafts is one of the few companies that delivers its products all over the world, and hence, is a favorite among international customers. Plus, it has a discount right in its name, so you can't go wrong with the prices!
Now that you have not one, but ten Hobby Lobby alternatives to choose from, what are you waiting for? Let that creative spark take over and help you make whatever it is that you've always wanted! Happy creating!