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Interesting Crafts for Kids to do at Home

Shashank Nakate Nov 20, 2018
Read about some crafts for kids to do at home. Procedures of some of the simple crafts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner.
There are many fun and easy crafts for kids that can be made at home. Craft making is a good leisure activity. Children learn to perform multiple tasks including painting, cutting, gluing, etc. while making different craft items. Most of the crafts are made with paper and other easy to use items.

The art of Origami provides many options for kids to create various items. For the use of glues and especially sharp objects like scissors, parents should keep an eye on the kids' as there is a possibility of getting injured. Preferably, materials easily available at home should be used. It not only reduces the cost, but also puts the items to some good use.

Easy Crafts to do at Home

The crafts which can be made at home require simple items. The procedure for making these craft items too is not complicated. Tap through to have a look at some of easy crafts for kids.
The crafts which can be made at home require simple items. The procedure for making these craft items too is not complicated. Let us have a look at some of the easy crafts for kids.

Pencil Topper:

This is easy-to-make and can be made in a shape of a pretty butterfly. For this, you will need colored craft foam of your choice, pipe cleaners, decorative items like buttons, sequins, and scissors, pencil and glue. A plane paper should first be used to create butterfly.
The butterfly shape can be created by folding the paper in half and then drawing a heart shape (upper half) that resembles wings of butterflies. The paper should be properly cut in order to create a butterfly shape with four wings. This paper can be used as a template to trace out butterfly shape over craft foam.
Once the shape is traced on the craft foam, a slit should be made at the center for a pencil to fit. Black colored pipe cleaners should be used to make antennas.

Paper Flowers:

The paper flowers can be made with dryer sheets; it is one of the easy crafts to do at home. The items required for this craft other than paper are acrylic paint, a vase, pipe cleaners, etc.

The paper used should be folded in an accordion pattern. This forms stripes with a width of ½ or 1 inch. They should be folded and pipe cleaners to be fitted as stems. After this, paper should be unfolded to make a floral pattern, decorating it by color sprays. Decorations can also be added to these items for an attractive look emerging as a nice bouquet.

Stone Painting:

Painted stones can be used as jewelry, fridge magnets, etc. Many different shapes and patterns can be used for decoration. Materials required for this craft activity include polished stones, paint markers, glitter glue, strong craft glue and decorative items.
The stones to be used for painting should be washed thoroughly. After they are completely dry, they need to be painted with the base color of your choice depending on the purpose of decoration. One should use pink if stones are being painted for Valentine. The decorative items should be glued to only after the base paint is completely dry.
The easy craft ideas for kids to do at home are described with instructions and the steps to be followed. One would get an idea as to how should one go about craft making activity. Use of materials available at home should make the task easier.