DIY Sleepover Crafts for Girls and Boys to Have Fun With Friends

Crafts for Sleepovers
Sleepovers with friends are always fun! To add that extra element of creativeness and making the sleepover even more constructive, here are some fun craft ideas you would want to have a look at.
CraftCue Staff
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Pajama parties are fun and many kids and teens look forward to having them. Most pajama parties include activities like talking, playing video games, watching movies, pillow fights, midnight fiestas, and what not. Some girls, during their pajama parties, even indulge themselves into beauty sessions like cleaning and polishing toenails, waxing, bleaching and putting on facial masks. Generally, these slumber parties are held by children on special occasions like birthdays or while working on a certain project together. Have you ever considered making these parties a little more creative, or having a craft work sleepover. The fun element can be coupled with creativity, plus you get to learn something new and exciting. Now, these sleepovers are mostly attended by one gender, so, listed below are separate craft ideas for sleepovers for girls and boys, respectively.
Arts and Crafts for Sleepovers
Crafts for Sleepovers for Girls
Girls are indeed creative and love craft work (most of them do). Moreover, they are inclined towards anything that gives them room to beautify things. Making bead accessories and adding that glam quotient to your cell phone or wallet, seems like a great craft idea for a sleepover.
girl making necklaces
Bead Accessories- You will need strands of stainless steel wire coated with nylon and a host of colorful beads. Find them in the nearest arts and craft store. Now, embed the beads into the string making earnings, necklaces and bracelets. If you are making a bracelet, make sure you measure your wrist, cut a strand of string of the same length, and then embed beads of your choice. Get a pattern that is unique and pulls attention. These junk accessories are a part of every girl's attire, so wear them and enjoy the admiring glances.
creative smartphone cover
Blings on Phones or Wallets- Get metallic sequins or blings, you will find umpteen number of websites offering these ornamented accessories. Arts and craft stores also keep them in variety and different colors to choose from. Decide for a design on your phone or wallet, and paste the sequins or blings on the outlined design, and fill it eventually. The blings that you will buy are sticker-like, hence you wouldn't need glue to paste them on your phone or wallet, whereas sequins will require fabric glue. It will give a glam touch and a unique look to your phone and wallet.
Crafts for Sleepovers for Boys
Boys, need not be told what has to be done for sleepovers. They are as always glued to video games. Boys, if you are willing to come out of that video game zone, there are some fun craft ideas for sleepovers, for you too. They are kewl and you would love to flaunt them.
color shoe
Coloring Your Converse- You will need fabric colors, paintbrushes, and a plain pair of sneakers or converse. If you think fabric colors are too heavy and do not want to use them, you can always resort to markers or sketch pens. You could have them in different colors or can just have the black one. Well, to get going now, with the help of the marker, draw a funky design on your shoes and fill it with colors. An outline with the marker looks classy and stylish. You can have the name of your favorite football team inscribed or you can have graphics of space on your shoes. When you don those shoes in the morning, you are sure to make a style statement.
creative skateboard
Making a Skateboard- This is a real fun craft idea for a sleepover, and something every guy would want to do. All you need is a wooden board cut in an oval shape, rectangular or any shape you desire. Make sure you get these boards drilled with four holes on the back. Buy hinges with wheels attached to them from a hardware store, and some fabric colors or spray paints. Now, with the help of a screwdriver and a few screws, install the hinges on the wooden board. Your skateboard is ready! Now, just get a little creative and paint it. Spray paints give the skateboard a very rugged and awesome look. You can come up with your name on it, or anything else that you like.
Once you are done with the arts and crafts work, "girls do not forget to have a pillow fight, and guys get hooked onto your video games buddies". Enjoy your pajama party and do not forget to flaunt the crafts you made during the sleepover.
Origami bunnys
Butterfly made with paper and scissors
Earrings and necklace – macrame
Package wrapped in craft paper
Rose Paper Craft
Handmade Paper Craft
Fruits Craft