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Crafts for Toddlers to Make at Home

Puja Lalwani Nov 25, 2018
Introduce your little one to the world of arts and crafts with these simple crafts. You can even preserve these for wonderful memories of your little one.
When you watch your little one grow up, you want something apart from just photographs to capture beautiful memories of this entire process. While photographs are the best way to preserve these, preserving every little thing your little one did or made can be done by means of having them engaged in some great kids' crafts.
That first letter, that first doodle, that first painting, all mean a lot more than just a random splatter of colors and shapes. If you wish to use these crafts to remember the apple of your eye by, here are some simple crafts for toddlers to make and enjoy in the process. Just remember to be around them at all times while they are making these crafts.

Crafts with Hand and Foot Prints

By far the best arts and crafts for toddlers age 1 and above, nothing is more beautiful than crafts made with their tiny hand and foot prints.
These can be done in any manner. For instance, you could make your child put her/his hand or foot prints on a t-shirt that you can proudly sport. Finger painting for toddlers is an easy art to use to make different crafts.
You could make an interesting craft like a hand wreath. Simply have your child make a lot of green hand prints on some construction paper, cut them out, and glue them together like a wreath.
Allow the individual hand wreaths to overlap to make a complete wreath. Finally, add the final touch by placing a red bow on the wreath. Sport it as one of the best Christmas crafts made by your little one.

Macaroni Crafts

Pasta shells as decoratives is a great idea for kids to know arts and crafts more. The best way to use macaroni by toddlers is by making jewelry with it. Simply give them a piece of plastic thread or yarn, that is secured at another end. Allow your little one to put the pasta shells into the yarn, and create a unique piece of jewelry.
To make the jewelry more appealing, add a few drops of food coloring to a jar full of macaroni and shake it well. Then use these shells to make different pieces of jewelry.


A collage is one of those crafts for kids suitable for all age groups.
A collage can be made with almost any items; for instance, fall leaf prints, hand prints, family photographs, the aforementioned pasta shells, etc. The idea is to have your little one make various crafts, such as potato print images, finger painted images, etc. and put them together in the form of a collage for their room.

Crafts with Cookie Cutters

Using plastic cookie cutters of different shapes as molds for coloring is one of the many easy crafts for kids. It can help toddlers hone their coloring skills, and teach them to stay within the lines while coloring.
One of the best crafts for toddlers age 2 and above, simply give them a piece of construction paper, hold the cookie cutter in place, and leave them to choose colors they want to fill in. These colored shapes can then be used as a base for another craft project, such as the aforementioned collage.

Popcorn Pictures

Ever thought you could use popcorn for anything apart from eating? Well here's one of those crafts for toddlers that your little one will definitely enjoy making.
For this craft, draw a shape and cut it out on construction paper. The shape could be anything, for instance, an animal or a bunch of flowers. Apply glue on this shape (one that is safe for use with kids) and give your toddler a bowl of popped corn.
Ask her/him to simply paste the popcorn on that shape to come up with this unique craft idea for toddlers! Just like the macaroni shells, use some dry food coloring to add color to the popcorn and come up with colorful craft projects with this surprisingly crafty item.

Painting with Marbles

Making a painting with marbles is one of the most simple kids' crafts that every toddler is bound to enjoy. Simply cut a paper the size of a deep dish, such as a cake tin. Fit it into the tin and add a few drops of paints of different colors.
Throw in a marble or two and hand the cake tin to your toddler, to tilt it in any direction she/he likes. Take a look at the final product and marvel at the masterpiece that your little one has created on her/his own!
These easy crafts for toddlers and preschoolers will not only give you something to remember your little ones by, they will also introduce them to the world of crafts and help them develop their motor skills. Allow them to explore their creative side with these crafts, and watch them grow into the special beings they are.