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Crayon Crafts for Kids

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 12, 2019
Working with crayons is a great way to engage kids into creative activities for a long time. Here's some ideas that you can try out at home.
Crayons are available as sticks or colored pencils, made up of colored wax, chalk or charcoal. They are also known as oil pastels, when blended with pigments.
Crayons are popular medium of arts and crafts, and their colorful glossy luster render an attractive look to any piece of work made with crayons.
Kids are very much fond of crayons, due to their easy application techniques and neat appearance. Apart from crayon painting, making craft also forms an interesting hobby for kids.
Children are often given craft works as homework or to showcase their work at an exhibition. Educational institutions organize kids' craft competitions, that give children an opportunity to demonstrate their artistic skills.
Crayon crafts are easy to make and do not require much time. Not only kids, but adults can also learn the techniques for making craft works with crayons.

Crayon Crafts for Kids

Craft for kids need to be simple. However, activities such as melting and ironing of crayons should be performed under supervision of adults. Kids must not be allowed to handle fire. They can carry out the dry processes, which are also a part of the craft work.

Crayon Craft Box

A box can be constructed with the help of recycled paper or sandpaper. This can be colored with different color of crayons and then used for storing small toys, pencils, candies and other trivia. Similar process can be applied for constructing jewelry boxes, pencil stands, small containers, etc.

Crayon Sun Catcher

Sun catchers can be installed in window panes, beautifully decorated with crayon colors. You can use your old crayons for this purpose. Grate the crayons with the help of cheese grater and place it on the top of wax paper.
Make a double layer by placing another piece over it. Compress it with low heat iron, so that the crayons melts. Allow it to cool and let the crayons take beautiful designs. Punch holes and pass a ribbon to hang it on the window.

Crayon Resist Pictures

This is one of the most interesting crayon crafts. Take a white poster card and color it with bright crayon colors, like yellow, orange, green, etc. The colors must be applied on heavy coats.
Now apply dark coating of black crayon as cover. Scratch some pictures or landscapes with the help of toothpick, spoon or paper clip and you shall get the picture prominent over the black crayon background.

Crayon Candles

This is one of the most creative works with crayons. Melt the crayons of either single color or mix different color crayons under heat. Once they have melted completely, pour them in a container.
Before pouring, place a thick thread between the container that will act as the wick of the candle. To get different shapes of candles, you can do the pouring in multi-shaped cartons.

Crayon Batik

Let the kids draw a thick crayon design over a heavy paper. Now fold the paper to a ball and crumple it. Make sure it doesn't get torn out. Open the paper and wash a coat with watercolor or with ink.
Dab it with towel so that it doesn't flow to the crayons. The water color shall fill up the places where the crayon didn't and also over the cracks on the paper. When dried completely, you can iron it by placing a sheet of paper above it.

Message Kit

You can convey your special messages with the help of crayon crafts. Get the coloring kits and use a clear wax crayon to jot your messages over a clear white paper. Now paint it with water color.
Fold the paper into different shapes and put it inside a box or embellished envelope. Gift it to your dear ones. After opening, the message will appear like a magic from inside the paper.
So wasn't that easy and interesting? Try these crafts at home and get to know this art. Try new things to uplift your creative instincts.