Boost User Engagement Through Guest Blogging

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Users find it boring to read long-form posts. Information overload drives them away. So why not market content in a new way which makes it easy for users to consume it? We allow guests posts in this brilliant format that lets you create highly engaging and fast-loading stories. It is powered by Google's AMP technology.

These stories have appealing visuals and crisp content. They load fast, are search engine-friendly, mobile-focused and user-first. Owing to such features, these Visual Stories help you grab and hold user attention and earn higher rankings for your content. Leverage them to boost your business. Become a contributor and start creating AMP stories.

Even if you are a beginner, you need not worry about creating content. In this format, it can be as simple as putting together photos of craft ideas and presenting them as a story. If you are a professional writer, here you can start a craft blog for free and submit posts as AMP stories. And if you are a content marketer, the best way to promote your product or service is through visual storytelling.