Cute Footprint Art Ideas for Kids to Spark Their Creativity

Cute Footprint Art Ideas For Kids
As parents, we're in a perpetual hunt for ideas that help boost kids' creativity and meliorate their imagination. Footprint art is one such activity that will not only give them a learning experience, but immense joy too.
CraftCue Staff
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
Bee footprint art
Cute bee art baby onesie!
Paint the baby's foot yellow. Help your little one make a stamp on one of his cute onesies, with toes pointing down. Let him dip his fingertip in paint and draw three black lines across the footprint. With a marker pen, complete the footprint bee by drawing the eyeballs and wings.
Butterfly footprint art on flower pot
Planting butterflies? Planting happiness!
What better way to combine creativity and kids' inherent love for the outdoors than by creating adorable butterflies on your garden pots.
Ladybug footprint art
Spotted Ladybug on a Plate!
Paint your baby's heel black and rest of the foot in red. Stamp it on a paper plate, or ceramic plate if you're planning to make a keepsake. Ask your baby to dip his/her fingertips in black paint and dot the bug. Help him finish the artwork by drawing legs and pasting googly eyes.
Butterfly footprint art on towels
Bright butterflies!
These bright and adorable butterflies on your kids' bedroom linen will perfectly complement the character of their room, not to mention the immense pride they will feel at watching their creativity put to good use.
Carrot footprint art on plate
The lick-the-plate carrot!
Paint one-forth part of your baby's toe in green and the remaining in orange. Let him stamp on the plate. Let it dry completely. Give finishing touches with a marker pen.
Ice cream footprint art
We don't just scream, we preen ice cream!
Before stamping his/her foot on the item to be embellished, try a test print on a scrap paper or paper plate.
Penguin footprint art
Adorable penguin family!
A great way of letting kids express familial bonds. Paint your child's foot black and stamp on a cushion cover. Mom and dad can do their respective stamps. Let them dry. Help your kid paint the wings with black paint and beaks with orange. You can glue on two googly eyes, or fingerprint them.
Flower footprint craft
Creative flower craft with footprints and thumb prints.
A great way to preserve your kid's creation for posterity by framing it for everyone to appreciate.
Cardinal bird footprint craft
Cardinal bird with a handprint and footprint.
Choose paper colors wisely. The paint color should clearly stand out on the background paper.
Piggy footprint art on pillow
Cute piggies created with baby tootsies!
For creating piggies, paint your child's foot pink, one at a time, and let him stamp on pillow covers. Now, using the fingertips, make ears with a shade darker than pink. Use sharpies to complete the piggies by drawing curled tails and facial features.
Lion footprint craft with baby onesie
Fun 'king of the jungle' art on baby onesie!
Another design for the onesies that is sure to thrill your little Simba.
Bunny footprint craft
Adorable Easter craft idea for kids!
Personalize the artwork with name and age of the baby.
Flipflop footprint art on a plate
Beachy flipflops - summer art idea to keep your kids indulged.
Another one for the keepsakes that commemorates your little one's first visit to the beach.