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Ideas for Decorating Paper Mache Boxes

Mamta Mule Nov 25, 2018
You can beautify inexpensive paper mache boxes and transform them into gift packages, or use them for storing your essentials. You can also place them as show pieces on tables and shelves. Read the ideas here, explore your creativity, and get started already.
Paper mache boxes are a great alternative to boring boxes that are used for storage or packaging gift items. They are inexpensive, lightweight, beautiful, and easier to carry, too. Such boxes are easily available in various shapes and sizes.
Personalize your own box and turn a dull and plain piece into an attractive one with your creativity and art and craft skills. Try to decorate one, see how you like it. You can either develop a hobby or start up a small business of your own.

Painted Boxes:

Painting boxes is a joyful and easiest way to jazz them up in less time. You only need a set of acrylic colors and a clear varnish. Paint the outer side of box and the lid with a base coat of any light color. Colors like rose pink, lavender or beige will look elegant, also take darker shades and beautify the box with artistic strokes.
Paint abstract or floral designs, or simply add multi-colored or single-colored slanting stripes. You can also make a check pattern, or opt for lovely polka dots. Using metallic acrylic colors is a great idea to give it an even more decorative and pricey look.

Decoupage Postal Stamp:

  • For this simple project, you need a collection of stamps. Cut each stamp perfectly following its border using a craft knife. This will give a nice finish to the stamp decoupage.
  • Now apply a coat of PVA glue on the outer side of the lid of the box. Take water in a bowl and a pair of tweezers as well.
  • Lift a stamp using the tweezers, dip it in water, and immediately place it on the glue coated lid. Smooth it out in place with a brush.
  • Now take the next stamp and follow the same procedure. Let the stamps overlap slightly. Once the outer side of the lid is done, work on the box in the similar way.
  • Once dried, apply a coat of clear varnish or PVA glue to give a finishing touch to this artwork. You can choose to paint the box plain and have a decorative decoupage lid.
  • Apart from the one mentioned here, you can come up with a number of decoupage ideas for decorating the boxes.

Grace with Fancy Fabric:

You can opt for this idea when you have to work on a number of pieces, as the procedure is much simpler and helps you create extremely wonderful looking boxes. You can use fancy cotton, raw silk  or cotton silk fabrics for this project.
Take a nice decorative piece of fabric, either plain or printed. One with polka dots or other all-over prints looks catchy. For a plain fabric, use separate golden border or lace to further play up the box. Size of the cloth depends on the dimensions of the box. Remember to wrap the fabric neatly over the box and its lid as well.
The sides, base and at least 1-2 inches of the insides must be covered with fabric. Prefer covering the lid from outside as well as the inside using fabric. You can use craft glue and staples to secure the fabric to the box. Attractive lace borders can beautify the lids.Tie a satin or metallic ribbon bow on the box lid to give it a perfect finishing touch.
If you look around, you will come across a lot of unused boxes that you can decorate and make them apt to be gifted or used for storing your items. Yes, these make extremely decorative boxes to store lightweight items in. These can also be used as art decor pieces to beautify side tables and shelves.
Accessories like sequins, beads, crepe paper, laces, ribbons and glitter powder are the best decoratives. Dual-colored boxes with contrasting colors for base and lid look artistic. Explore various ideas and start with your paper mache box.