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Decorating Picture Frames

Priya Johnson Oct 17, 2018
There are various ways in which you can decorate a picture frame. One can use seashells, fabric, dimensional paints, beads, crystals, etc., to decorate a simple picture frame and give it a gorgeous look.
Decorating a house with framed pictures adds a homely feel to the ambiance and keeps guests intrigued. It keeps memories alive! At one time, picture frames were common birthday gifts. Although they no longer are the most sought-after gifts, they are great pieces to keep at home.
Moreover, if you decorate them yourself, you create a personal masterpiece. The picture frame attains new meaning and worth. Let's take a look at different ways you can decorate the frame.

Dimensional Paint

Do you have old picture frames that have lost their sheen and attractiveness? If yes, then do not throw them away. You can easily give them a makeover using dimensional paint. Dimensional paint can be used to decorate wooden frames that have not been previously decorated.
Take the plain wooden frame and draw any design as per your choice onto it with dimensional paint. Give the paint 12 hours to dry. Once it's dry, coat the frame with any dark shade of ordinary acrylic craft paint. You will notice the design raising above the paint coat and appearing all classy, ready for you to place your snap in it.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is easy to work with and is the oven-drying type of clay. Use the clay roll or cut out cute figurines, miniature toys, or any kind of object your mind can think of and keep it aside. You can use knives, pencils, carving tools, etc., to get your clay models ready.
The clay items need to be placed in the oven at 250 degrees for half an hour after which it is ready to be decorated. You can use paints, glitter, beads, etc., to decorate the clay models. With the help of hot glue gun, stick them onto the wooden frame and place your photograph in it.

Swarovski Crystals

Combination of glass beads and Swarovski crystals is fab! It gives a very neat and fancy look. You get these crystals at craft stores and are low-cost. Pictures frames embellished with these crystals and glass beads make perfect gifts for dear ones.


What better way to remember glorious moments spent basking in the noon day sun at the beach, than by placing the snap of that memorable moment in a picture frame decorated with seashells!
To make this master memory keeper, you need a base picture frame and loads of seashells, pebbles, sand, and beach glass. The sand needs to be sprinkled in the empty spaces between shells and pebbles.
Decorating picture frames is a wonderful hobby, and once you master it you could also think of selling them for fundraisers or if you are very good at it, you could even think of selling them on a commercial basis. You never know what clicks for you!