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Pinch Your Creative Mind to Make Decorative Push Pins Yourself

Sujata Iyer Sep 24, 2018
Decorative push pins can give a snappy look to the soft board in your room. Read about the different kinds of decorative push pins for bulletin boards and corkboards here. You can also learn how to make them yourself.
Every kid, young or old has or had a bulletin board or a corkboard in his or her room. A bulletin board is a board on which important notices, messages, etc., are posted so as to get immediate attention from the people concerned.
Agreed that the purpose of a board is quite serious, but that does not mean that the board itself has to look drab and boring. You can spiffy it up using some fancy decorative push pins.
Here, there are some ideas on the kinds of decorative push pins for cork boards you can use to transform the school or office board into something fun.

How to Make Decorative Push Pins

There are three ways of getting decorative push pins. One way is to buy them. There are two ways in which you can make cute and fancy decorative pins for your cork board. Here are two methods have been explained.

Method # 1: Stick and Use

This method involves using a strong adhesive along with the embellishments of your choice to make these pins.
For this you'll need
  • Normal corkboard pins
  • Embellishments of your choice (available at stationery stores)
  • Super glue
Here's how you make them
  • First you gather all the pins that you have bought.
  • Next, select a theme and decide what kind of embellishments you will be using. They can be absolutely anything. Fabric covered buttons, plastic flowers, smiley faces, velvet dolls, tiny wooden ornaments, metal figurines in different shapes, colors and sizes, magnet covers, etc.
  • Now what you have to do is, apply a drop of the super glue on the back of the pin, i.e., the head of the pin.
  • Now, paste the embellishment that you have finally decided to go with, onto the head of the pin.
  • Allow the pin to dry out for an hour or two. After that check that it has dried up well and it will be ready to use.
  • This method is much better than removing the heads of the pins and sticking the embellishment on the pin directly, because it gives more grip to the person holding it. Besides, even if the decoration falls off, the pin can still be used.

Method # 2: Bake and Use

For this method of preparation, you'll need to keep more time but less material at hand.
Here's what you need
  • Clay
  • Clay Oven
  • Push Pins
Here's how you make them
  • First roll out a ball of clay.
  • This clay should be enough to cover all the pins that you have planned to decorate.
  • Now, take some clay and cover the head of the pin flush with it. See that there are no gaps in the middle. Once the head is completely covered, you can mold the clay into whatever shape you wish. Make faces, shapes, expressions, etc.
  • After all the pins are done, place them in an oven for about 15 minutes so that they can harden.
  • Remove them from the oven, let them cool down and your new decorative push pins are ready to be used.
If you don't want to make them, decorative push pins are surely available at any leading stationery store. Or you can also browse online to buy them straight off the Internet.