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Awesome Decoupage Ideas to Make the Old Look New Again

Decoupage Ideas
A very engaging craft, decoupage really does provide great creative satisfaction. There are many decoupage ideas to get inspired from and create unique pieces of art.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Glam it Up!
Once the basic decoupage process is over, glam up your creation with the use of beads, sequins, mirrors, confetti, and other elements that can enhance the bling value of the object.
Everyone needs a creative outlet to resort to when they feel bogged down by the routine of daily life. While for some it is singing or dancing, for others, it is engaging in the creation of various crafts to satisfy their creative genius. Among these is decoupage, a tedious yet fulfilling hobby that can help transform just about anything from blah to WOW!
The Art of Decoupage
Decoupage is a French word, that literally means, to cut. It refers to an application of colorful pictures that have been cut out of various sources such as postcards, magazines, comics, newspapers, gift wrapping paper, wallpaper, paper napkins, thin fabric, etc., and then pasted on various items such as furniture, lampshades, files and folders, etc., using a specific decoupage glue. It was traditionally an art form practiced by the poor, who couldn't afford expensive items of home décor. The item that has been decoupaged is usually varnished several times to give it a natural look, so that the pasted image merges with the piece of furniture and looks like a part of it. Apart from the basic paper cutouts, a lot of elements can be added to enhance such artistic creations. These include beads, wallpaper leftovers, shells, sequins, feathers, ribbons, buttons, wooden shavings, and other such items. When creating any item to be decoupaged, ensure that you first decide the layout of the pictures and other elements you are pasting on them so that you get a neat finished product.
Ideas for Decoupage
The base for decoupage can be almost anything. While we provide some ideas here, remember that your options are not limited, and anything can inspire you for a wonderful decoupage project or activity.
decoupage bench
Use scraps of leftover wallpaper to decoupage just the seat of a lovely, rustic bench.
decoupage box
Create a floral design as beautiful as the wooden box you are putting it on.
decoupage bucket
Bring a simple bucket to life by decoupaging some gorgeous vintage-print flowers on it.
decoupage candle
Cut out leaves from a paper napkin and decoupage them as the highlight on a pillar candle.
decoupage cabinet
Create or recreate a scene on an old wardrobe or chest of drawers and take it to another era.
decoupage lampshade
Introduce a pop of color and style in a room by decoupaging a plain lampshade with colorful retro patterns.
decoupage frame
Make a collection of decoupaged frames with embellishments reminiscent of good times to adorn an empty wall.
decoupage pot
Regular terracotta pots can be transformed into quirky planters with playing-card designs decoupaged on them.
decoupage wine bottle
An old wine bottle decoupaged with bits of newspaper can make it a trendy showpiece or a utilitarian vase.
decoupage plate
Place decoupaged plates in your dining area to add a bit of decor to an otherwise overlooked space.
decoupage watering can
Spice up your gardening activities by decoupaging your watering can with a little representation of yourself.
decoupage key holder
Delicate designs on delicate objects such as this wooden key-holder give it a new dimension.
decoupage bottle
Get inspired by nature for a lovely decoupage idea for an old oil/alcohol bottle.
While a lot of people prefer to look through decoupage ideas and recreate them, as you can see, the options are not limited. You can jazz up almost anything with this lovely craft. Think shoes, Christmas ornaments, coasters, files and folders, notebooks, totes, switch plates, and much more. Use these items for home décor or give them as gifts. Just remember to enjoy the process and appreciate your creation at the end of it all.
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