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Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas You'd Want to Take Away

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 24, 2018
Dried flower arrangements are long-lasting and involve little upkeap, as compared to fresh flower arrangements, and they are just as beautiful. Some basic ideas that you can prepare at home are regular bouquet and blossoming tree pattern.
Flowers are the central theme for every special occasion. They look beautiful in any state, including the fresh ones and dried ones that can be cherished for lifetime. It is very freshening to place a flowerpot in a room or at workplace.
Dried varieties are best enjoyed as table arrangements, swags, Christmas wreaths, and crafts. Also, dried flower arrangements are less expensive than that of the fresh flower option.
Understand the theme and you can easily create beautiful arrangements with a professional touch. For example, for weddings these are more of the regular centerpiece design rather than the wreath pattern. The same is with silk flower arrangements.

Designs and Ideas

Selecting appropriate flowers from the florists is an important part of the project.
You should choose those that dry properly like marigold, roses, larkspur, and globe amaranth. For fillers, the ideal options are yarrow, baby's breath, lavender, straw, and poppy seed heads. The leaf component can be either dried eucalyptus or ferns. Select the flowers and components as per your choice, keeping in mind the color combination and the theme.

Idea # 1: Basic Table Arrangement

The most popular pattern is the regular bouquet form. For this basic pattern, you will require dried flowers, fillers, leaves, container, beads, and decorative stones.
  • First, add a piece of floral foam in the bottom of the vase.
  • As per your design, you can cut the stems of the fillers, leaves, and main flowers.
  • Add the leaves (tallest component) and the fillers (second tallest component) in such a way that they are evenly distributed.
  • In the front, you can add the flowers like roses and gardenias.
  • Hold the flowers and add the beads and decorative stones to hold them properly.
  • If necessary, rearrange the flowers, but ensure that all the components are visible from all sides.
  • Place this arrangement in the center of the table.

Idea # 2: Blossoming Tree Design

Floral arrangements in the shape of a blossoming tree is another great idea. Supplies required for making this are a small piece of floral foam, a vase, dried branches of hazel trees, dried delphinium (about 8 stems), some moss, and quick-setting plaster.
  • Add a piece of floral foam in the vase, you can use a small amount of glue to stick it at the base.
  • Sort the flower branches according to length and insert them one by one.
  • After you complete arranging them, add some amount of quick-setting plaster in the vase.
  • Wait till the plaster dries completely and spread moss over the cured plaster.
  • You can use glue to stick small flowering twigs into the sides of the main branches.
  • Continue sticking the twigs until the arrangement resembles that of a blossoming tree.
While placing the setup, look for an area that does not receive direct sunlight. Also, ensure that the flowers are not placed in the direction of forced air or heat.
Otherwise, you can notice fading of the colors and excess drying within no time. And when it comes to maintenance, regular dusting with a feather duster is sufficient to keep your floral arrangements attractive for a long time.