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Unique Ideas for Duct Tape Projects

Kritika Parwani Apr 19, 2019
Duct tape is used not just to keep a cardboard box from falling apart, but has inspired infinite number of crafts too. Read on to know more about some duct tape projects.
Who would have ever thought that the most mundane and innocuous thing such as a duct tape could be used for making various crafts! Duct tapes originated during the Second World War when the U.S. Military needed a tape to keep moisture out of ammunition cases.
Research for this job was enlisted to Johnson and Johnson's Permacel division, who manufactured the first duct tape. After the war, it was sold by Manco Inc. in the form of a silver-grey version, and rolls of it were placed in shrink wrap, to make it easy for sellers to stock them. The rest, as they say, is history!

Prom Dress

Duct tape has even revolutionized the fashion world. It is just mind-blowing to think that some of the most beautiful creations can be made with the same thing that is used to fix things or keep a cardboard box from falling apart.
There are even competitions to make drersses out of duct tape, and the winner gets a college scholarship! Now to answer the more important question. How to make a prom dress out of duct tape? Here are the steps:

» You will need six sheets of duct tape to make a prom dress. First, you have to select your design. It will be easier if you sketch it.
» Next, decide the color of your choice. It is not necessary for you to limit to one color.

» With the infinite number of colors available in duct tapes in the market, it can be as colorful as you want it to be.
» Take your measurements. Since the duct tape does not allow any air to pass through, it is important to keep a little margin. Also, it will be better if you have cotton lining, since tape can get very uncomfortable.
» Next, you can take your own dress as a base. Start sticking the duct tape in the pattern that you selected. Wrap it horizontally. For attaching the tape to the dress properly, press it evenly.
» For you to be able to wear the dress, you should cut a slit at the back of it. Remember to cover the slit with the same colored duct tape once you wear the dress.

Voila! your prom dress is ready. It will definitely make you stand out.


Besides making a prom dress, another easy project is to make a duct tape wallet. It is not only useful, but also fun to make. You will need a cutting board, duct tape ruler, and a razor blade to make this item. Here are the instructions for you:
♣ Take a strip of duct tape that is at least 10" in length and place its sticky side up. Take a second piece of tape of the same length, and place its sticky side down halfway over the previous piece. The rest of the piece should be facing the sticky side up.
♣ Place the sticky side of the third strip down over the remaining part of the second strip. Flip the sheet, and continue till the sheet of the duct tape is extended to the dimensions of 8.5" x 7".

♣ To create a pocket, fold the sheet in half and tape three sides of it (bottom and the two sides).
♣ For your credit cards, you will need a sheet of 4 " x 3.5".

♣ Follow the same instructions mentioned earlier to create a pocket, and then tape this pocket to the larger pocket.
♣ To make more than one pocket, repeat the step and tape the second pocket a little lower than the first one. If you want to create another pocket, do not tape the inner side of the pocket.

♣ This is your completed wallet. You can personalize it by adding or subtracting pockets, using different colors, etc.
Craze of duct tape projects has definitely taken over the world and this clearly is not the end of it. One can only imagine what can come up next. Maybe NASA will come up with a duct tape rocket! Well, whatever it will be, sky is the limit. One can say that duct tape can fix anything, except maybe a broken heart!