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Glam-up the Prom Night Creatively With Duct Tape Prom Dresses

Medha Godbole Apr 10, 2019
Duct tape prom dresses seem very weird, but believe me, these are considered to be the hottest things these days for arts and crafts, clothing and accessories, like purses and caps and a few other things.
If you thought duct tape dresses are some kind of a practical joke, there are a remarkable number of reports, which will serve as testimonies to this statement. To give you an illustration, there are a lot of college students who are going for such dresses to create a ripple at one of the most important days of their college days - the prom night.
Cool as they are, duct tape dresses are not a very startling discovery or a concept. And with all the vibrant and bright colors, these tapes are available in, it surely adds a wacky effect to your closet, even if for a few days! Who would have thought, a few years ago, that the tapes used for heating and air conditioning ducts would adorn dresses?
In fact, those who manufacture such tapes, announce prizes and scholarships corresponding a prom night for the best dresses designed using them, and you bet they are lapped up with glee by the students!
Basically, once you have the form for the dress, you can easily make them. So if you are thinking of flooring someone at a prom night by a unique dress, here are some interesting ideas for you.

How to Make a Prom Dress

Here are some tips on how you can come up with your unique dress. You are sure to get a fleeting glance by the others at a prom event!
  • You cannot progress, if you do not decide upon the pattern, so start with choosing a pattern and colored duct tapes.
  • If you have a pattern in your mind, just sketch it down. Or look up some patterns in a styling book or on the internet.
  • Then, hunt an old dress or a t-shirt and a shirt to prepare the form.
  • In case you want an alteration in the neckline, shoulders, or sleeves, just cut the appropriate areas of the fabric.
  • Iron the fabric, and put it on a sewing form. If you have a friend helping you out, well, nothing better than that. He or she can help you model the clothes as you go along attaching the tape, in case a form is not available.
  • Next, at the bottom of the skirt or the dress hem, wrap the tape and tuck the extra beneath the garment, and attach it neatly and firmly by pressing it.
  • Keep on wrapping the tape horizontally, till the waist area. While adding each extra line of the tape, make sure you align the seams. For attaching the tape to the garment properly, press it evenly.
  • Follow this by cutting a slip at the back of the top of the waist to facilitate the removal of the garment.
  • Then, cover the slit nicely with duct tape of the same color when you wear the dress. Press the additional tape in its place, and tuck the extra inside the garment.
  • Just above the waist on the dress or bottom of the t-shirt, wrap the tape horizontally. Again, press it firmly.
  • Take the sleeve area of the garment, and place the tape vertically; and then, make sure that each section of the tape is pressed adequately.
  • Next, at the back of the garment, cut a slit. But remember to cover the slit with a duct tape before wearing the garment.
  • Now, a plain dress would not create a jazzy and stylish impression. So, bend the tape into a diamond or flower for embellishing the outfit.
Fairly simple, isn't it? Dresses can be really innovative and stylish, if you are sporty enough to sport a different look!
Another simple method is by preparing a large swatch of the duct tape fabric. Then, you can trace a pattern on it and cut out. Just as these are easy to make, it should be kept in mind that these tapes cannot be stretched, so the measurements should be precise.
And using some fabric along with the tape for the prom dress, would avoid mixing of sweat (if at all you sweat) with the adhesive of the tape. And lastly, creativity knows no bounds! So, are we all set for taping up oops, I mean gearing up for the prom night!