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Duct Tape Rose Instructions

Smita Pandit Feb 28, 2019
A duct tape rose is easy to make. It is surely one of those fun craft projects that you will surely enjoy. This write-up provides instructions for making roses from duct tape.
Some people have the knack of turning everything they touch, into a work of art. If you also have an artistic streak in you, you can use something as simple as a roll of duct tape to make flowers, wallets, and even dresses.
You could even use the tape to make roses and gift them to your loved ones. Your gesture  will surely be appreciated. The fact that you made something for them with your own hands will make them feel special. These will not die away or wilt like real roses.

Making a Duct Tape Rose

Things You Will Need

  • Colorful tapes
  • Scissors
  • Wire/Drinking Straw
  • Wire cutter


● Let's start by making the stem. Get hold of a wire and roll the green tape over the wire. Keep a small portion of one end of the wire uncovered. You could also use a drinking straw in place of a wire.
● Now that the stem is ready, you need to place the uncovered wire end of the stem onto one edge of the tape's sticky part and roll the petal tightly around the wire.
● To make the petals, get hold of the tape and cut strips that measure 2 ¾ inches lengthwise.
● For making the petals, hold the tape in such a way that the sticky side faces you. Fold the right corner over onto itself in such a way that ¼ inch of the sticky edge of the tape is left at the bottom and about ¾ inch of the sticky side of the tape is left on the side.
● Fold the left corner flush with the right corner, so that you get a colored triangle, and only ½ inch of the sticky side is visible at the bottom.
● Wrap the petal around the top of the stem, attaching it to the wire or the straw with the sticky side at the bottom of the petal.
● Follow the aforementioned steps to make petals.
● The placement of the petals should be such that the petals in the center are higher than the outer petals.
● You need to decide whether you wish to make a rose bud or a flower. If you want to make a bud, the petals should be placed closer to each other and should point upwards.
● If you want your tape duct rose in full bloom, you could bend the petals that form the outermost layer.
● You could also use the green tape for making leaves and attach them neatly to the stem.
● Make sure that the wire doesn't show anywhere and use the colored side of the tape to cover the wire.
● You could follow the aforementioned instructions to make as many roses as you want and place them in a vase in your room, it will surely look amazing.
So, making flowers from duct tape is not that difficult. You can also use the tape to make other craft items, all you need to do, is use the artistic streak in you.