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Simple Instructions to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Mamta Mule Apr 14, 2019
Planning to buy a new wallet? How about making it on your own using duct tape? Just follow these instructions, instead of buying an expensive piece.
Are you bored of your old wallet? Or you love to flaunt matching ones with each outfit? If so, why not make one for yourself. You can also make one and gift it to your loved one. Well, we are not going to use leather or fabric material; we would be using duct tape.
Yes, such wallets are very unique and can be made according to your choice of color and size. Read the instructions mentioned here for this purpose and carry your money and cards in style.


This information will help you make a piece, having two slots for money and two slots for holding cards. You will need a duct tape roll, a dollar bill, and a credit card or a business card for creating it.
● Start by laying down two pieces of tape; keep the sticky side outwards. Each strip must be a little longer than a dollar bill. Overlap them, just a little so that they are stuck to each other in a rectangular shape.
● Now, get two more pieces of the tape of the same size as the previous two strips. Use these to cover the rectangle formed in the previous step, keeping the sticky side downwards. So, now you will have a rectangle of duct tape, slightly larger than a dollar bill, which is not sticky on either side.
● Now, make one more rectangle, just like the first one by following step 1 and 2. Once you have two rectangles ready, place them one above the other on the table.

● Now, you need to tape both rectangles together along the border. Do it over the sides and bottom, so that they are together and the upper side is open.
● Now, it is time to start the interesting part, which is making pockets for cards. Take a credit card or business card, or take the one that is bigger in size. Now, cut four strips of tape; the length should be a bit bigger than that of your card.
● Make a rectangle using two strips. Slightly overlapping them at the sides, keep the sticky side out. Now, make one more such rectangle. Apply these two rectangles about half inch apart on your ready rectangular wallet. You have two pockets for cards, and the above part of the pockets will be sticky.
● Make a strip of the tape a little longer than the piece formed in step four. Stick this strip on the two pockets, keeping the sticky side down. Fold it backwards from the ends of the basic wallet. If you want to add more pockets for cards, you can follow instructions 5 - 7.
Also, if the money slot is not big enough to hold a dollar bill, add some height to the back wall. Put another strip on the outer side of the back, extending the height to about half an inch. Fold it at the center and start using your new piece.
Once you learn to make this wallet, you can try some variations and have different patterns. Indeed, this one is amongst the interesting projects, and you would surely enjoy working on it. You can have interesting designs by using tapes in different colors.
You can have a border in a different color or the pocket in a different color. It is best to keep it simple; do not go for any decorations. The simple looking wallet will be most perfect piece to be used or gifted.