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Easy Crafts for Toddlers

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 20, 2018
Here are some ideas that help you in making crafts for your toddler. Read to know more.
Your little bundle of joy comes back home from the nursery and you see that he/she has been assigned the homework of making crafts. Now, the responsibility of teaching art and crafts to your little one is entirely yours.
You start looking up for some easy-to-make craft ideas for your kid. It is a known fact that, toddlers are naturally very impatient, and at the same time, very curious too.
It's difficult to make them sit down and try to engage them in such activities. Moreover, you have to be very careful while they use glues, staples, and colors because it's more likely that they end up with a mess or a bruise or a cut.
Being parents, the job of arranging the knick knacks and required materials is yours. Make sure you have procured all the items beforehand so that you don't have to stop in between just because you don't have something you need and have to rush to local stores for buying the stuff.
At this age, making paper crafts is the best options. Using fire for making wax crafts is not at all wise.

Butterfly Blots

One of the most attractive ideas is to make butterfly crafts.
Sketch a butterfly on a white chart paper. Make sure the image is symmetrical. Blots is best done with watercolors or colorful inks. Let your kid paint one half of the butterfly. Now fold the paper immediately before the color dries. The other half will be blotted with the color. Let it dry. You can now decorate it with sparkles.

Tray Boats

Meat tray boats is again, one of the easiest options. You have to purchase different shapes of meat trays from grocery shops and a few milk caps as well. Ask your kid to scribble short poems and rhymes on the caps. Color the caps with matching or contrasting colors. Place them inside the trays and teach your kid the proper way to float the boats on water.

Palm Collage

This idea gains popularity mostly during the palm festival. You will require a green-colored fabric and a green construction paper. Cut the paper in shapes of palm trees. Ask your kid to paint the stem dark brown. Now stretch the fabric on a table and glue the paper palms on it. Paste neat clusters in the form of a collage. Embellish for an attractive look.

Letter Crafts

One of the best ideas is paper alphabets.
Bring a large-sized cardboard paper. Now cut the paper in the shape of each alphabet (A-Z). Crop big sizes so that your kid loves to learn with the alphabet toys. Coat with bright colors to make them more appealing. A great idea is to hang them from the ceiling of your kid's room, so that they see them frequently and learn quickly.

Cute Masks

An easy idea is to make a variety of masks. The masks can be of their favorite animals, flowers, cartoons, etc.All you need to do is to purchase a cardboard paper from the market. Now make an outline of the object with a pencil and crop the paper on the outline.
Color the mask and add facial features to the object. Keep the eyes and the nose hollow for easy breathing. Pierce holes into both sides of the mask and pass an elastic string through it. This way they can secure the mask on their face.

Greeting Cards

Buy a few blank greeting cards from stationery shops. Ask your kids to paint on their own. It will be interesting to see your little one painting kiddish images on the cards.
Let them sketch whatever they like. You can add the finishing touches, like colorful borders and outlines to the painting for a neat look. These can act as great gifts for festive seasons.
Keep in mind that your toddler's mind is innocent and you have to be cautious every step while he/she is engaged actively in the art of making crafts.