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Easy Crafts to Sell

Aastha Dogra Oct 6, 2018
Here are suggests a few ideas for easy crafts to sell, for people who want to make some extra money by utilizing their creativity and imagination. Read on to find a few things which you can make using the simplest and inexpensive items ...
If you are creative, have some unique ideas, and are good at art and crafts, there are a lot of ways in which you can utilize these skills to make some fast bucks.
So, whether you are a child or a housewife or someone who wants a creative outlet, given below is a list of some easy crafts, which you can make at home and at the same time, sell them to make some money.

Artificial Jewelry

You can consider making artificial jewelry from beads and shells. The things that you will need are beads and stones of various colors, shapes, and sizes, shells, pearls, and a string.
You can weave these beads in the string to form necklaces and bracelets. If you want to make and sell earrings, you will need to buy additional hooks. Jewelry is one of the most sought after items on the Internet and if you can come up with some creative designs, then there's nothing like it!

Greeting Cards

Another easy craft is homemade greeting cards, especially if the festival and holiday season is round the corner.
If you are good at painting, make greeting cards by cutting and folding the construction paper to form various shapes such as round, rectangle, heart, etc. and paint some unique designs on them. Paint anything as per your imagination right from landscapes, to flowers to cartoons.
In case, painting is not your forte, you can undertake this paper craft activity by making designs on greeting cards by pasting some flowers, butterflies, hearts cut-outs from different colored papers or by sticking real dried leaves on the card and then decorating it with glitter and painting colors.

Hand Painted T-Shirts

Hand painted T-shirts are perhaps the simplest task that you can undertake. You will need lots of plain T-shirts and fabric painting colors to carry on this activity.
To make hand painted T-shirts, you have two options, either you can make some arty design or you can write some interesting slogans on it. If you plan on making a design, make sure that you draw it on the T-shirt first with a chalk, so that you have room for making changes.
Once you are confident of the design, you can color it with the fabric paints and then leave for drying. If you can come up with some unique, funny or hard hitting one liners, you can write these down on the T-shirts as well. Such T-shirts with slogans have great demand among the kids, teens, and college crowd.

Photo Frames

You can go to a flea market and get hold of some old photo frames. Take a silken fabric and cover the frame with it. Decorate these photo frames by using ribbons, glitter, sequins, beads, etc., to create some interesting designs.

Throws and Pillows

You do not need to know sewing in order to make throws and pillows from flannel, so this activity can be undertaken by children and adults. To make the throws, you will need two rectangular pieces of flannel.
The size of the pieces depends upon the size of the throw. Now, taking scissors, at the edges of these rectangular pieces make fringes which are around two to three inches long, with a distance of one inch in between them. Keep both the pieces on top of each other and start making knots with the fringes to join them together.
Similarly, make pillows, with the only difference that you will need to place pillow foam between the two flannel pieces, before beginning to tie knots. Such throws and pillows are good ideas for easy crafts to sell, both online and offline.
Gather the things required to make these crafts and set out to unleash your creativity and imagination by undertaking these activities. All the best!