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Easy Holiday Craft Ideas for Teens

Kashmira Lad Nov 18, 2018
If the holiday season is causing worry lines on your foreheads, here are some simple holiday craft ideas for teens that can help your teenage kids spend their time in a more fruitful way.
As teenagers wait for vacations with bated breath, parents shudder at the thought of the same. Holidays mean loads of fun and frolic for teens; hitting the outdoors, watching television and basically freaking out. Well, this could be a trying time for most parents!
Imagine having a house full of crazy teenagers who are always brimming with energy with loads of time on hand. Well, I am about to give you some suggestions that would help the teens and their parents get off each others backs with some of these easy craft ideas. These are bound to help teens pass their time fruitfully.

Denim Skirt

This is an easy way to update your wardrobe without really buying something new. Teens and jeans are inseparable, so here is one easy craft idea that can help you turn an old pair of jeans into a hip skirt.

  • Fabric glue or sewing machine
  • Gem glue
  • Scissors
  • Rhinestones (7mm)
  • Pen or marker
  • Toothpick
  • Old pair of jeans
» Use your scissors to cut the jeans off at the knee, but do not discard the scraps. Use a small sharp scissors to open up the inner leg seam of the jeans.
» Now, open up the front seam of the bottom side to about 1" (below the zipper). Then, open up the bottom back seam to approximately 8" below the waist.
» You need to check if the front and the back will lay flat, so place the skirt down. If it remains uneven, you can further open up the seams. Since the back will have extra fabric, you will need to trim it away. Allow at least ½" to overlap.
» If you have a sewing machine, stitch or use fabric glue to close up the seams. The front side may need extra fabric so, cut off the leg fabric into a triangle to fill the space by adding a 1/2 inch overlap. Glue this or sew it together.
» You will need to try on the skirt and trim it to the right length. Iron the hem, and glue or sew it in place.
If you want to create a pattern on the skirt, draw it on a piece of paper. To draw this on the skirt, place the pattern on the desired spot. Use a pen or a marker and push through each circle on the pattern.
Leave a dot in the middle of each circle on the denim itself. Ensure that the markers do not bleed too much color. You can use a toothpick to dab a small amount of glue on the circle.You can now press the small rhinestones into this spot. Let it dry. Flaunt you new skirt once you resume high school!

Funky Jewelry

Think you do not have enough jewelry? Or do you wish to gift something to your friend and have run out of pocket money? Make some cool foot jewelry with these easy tips.

  • Small glass beads
  • Gold or silver beads (4mm)
  • Beading elastic
  • White glue
➾ First, you will need to cut around 30" length of elastic. Use the glue to stiffen the ends.
➾ Then, string about 12 glass beads on the elastic. String this to the center of the cord. Ensure that you have enough to go around your second toe.
➾ Once you have judged the right length, push both the ends of the elastic through a 4 mm bead. Make a loop for your toe.
➾ Now, string around 1" of beads on each end. Ensure these are even in length. Then, push both ends of the elastic through a 4mm bead. You will need to string another 1" of the beads on each end.
➾ Now, push both ends of the elastic through another 4 mm bead. Use some glass beads on both ends till there is enough space to go around your ankle. Tie it with a double knot. Trim to fit. This craft idea will surely make your friend happy!

Cool Sunglasses Holder

Use this easy craft idea to have a great sunglasses holder that will jazz up your sunglasses and keep them in place when you go to the beach.

  • Beading seashells
  • Eyeglasses holder findings
  • Nylon beading thread
  • Sunglasses
✜ Cut around a piece of beading thread that is one yard long.
✜ Tie one end of this to an eyeglass holder finding.
✜ You need to string around 100 seashells on the thread.
✜ You can adjust this to fit it comfortably around your neck. Tie the end to the second eyeglass holder finding. Trim both the ends.
✜ You need to slip elastic on each finding over the earpiece end of the sunglasses.
Hopefully these easy craft ideas will help parents to keep their teens busy during the summer holidays!