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Easy Paper Folding Ideas

Master the Art of Paper Folding With These Easy Ideas

Though the art of paper folding originated in countries like Japan and China, it has become popular in the Western world too. The easy techniques explained here are just a few of the numerous ones used to create masterpieces by folding paper. Take a look!
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019
The art of paper folding is known as 'origami' and 'zhezhi' in Japan and China, respectively. The term 'origami' is commonly used in Western countries too. Many techniques and methods have been developed to create beautiful artworks from paper.
The art of origami can be used to make intricate and complex paper objects like insects, animals, birds, and various other objects.
Let us try to understand a few commonly used techniques in origami by making a paper heart and paper plane. Just click on the arrow on the slideshow to view the step-by-step method of making these objects. Hit F5 to reset the slideshow, in case you need to refer to a folding technique again.
Simple Paper Heart
There is a lot to learn from the art of origami. Let us have a look at the method of creating a heart-shaped paper craft.
Step 1
Heart Origami Step 1
● First, take a square-shaped paper and fold it in half along the diagonal. Unfold the paper to reveal the creases.
Step 2
Heart Origami Step 2
● Now, again fold the paper along the other diagonal and unfold it. Creases divide the paper into four sections.
Step 3
Heart Origami Step 3
● Next, fold the top point of the paper such that it meets the crease in the center
Step 4
Heart Origami Step 4
● Fold the bottom point to meet the top edge.
Step 5
Heart Origami Step 5
● Next, fold the right as well as left side to meet the center crease.
Step 6
Heart Origami Step 6
● Then, turn over the paper to the opposite side.
Step 7
Heart Origami Step 7
● You can already see a heart shape. Now, make folds on the sides as seen in the picture.
Step 8
Heart Origami Step 8
● Next, fold the top points along the dash lines on both left and right sides.
Step 9
Heart Origami Step 9
● Flip over the paper and your origami heart is ready!
Heart Origami Step 10
Simple Paper Plane
Let us understand how to make a simple paper plane.
Step 1
Origami Plane Step 1
● Take a rectangular piece of paper. It's length should be more than double of the width.
● Fold the paper into 2 halves along the width to form a central, vertical crease; then unfold it back.
Step 2
Origami Plane Step 2
● Fold down the left and right corners of upper part of the rectangle so that their top edges align with the central line.
Step 3
Origami Plane Step 3
● A triangular shape in the form of these upper folds is formed.
● Fold the paper along the bottom line of this triangle; this fold inverts the triangle completely.
Step 4
Origami Plane Step 4
● Now, again fold down the left and right top corners of the paper.
Step 5
Origami Plane Step 5
● You will notice a small trianglar portion. Fold that upwards along the vertex and flip over the paper.
Step 6
Origami Plane Step 6
Step 7
Origami Plane Step 7
● Now, fold the paper from center crease into two halves.
Step 8
Origami Plane Step 8
● Fold each wing down along the center crease.
Step 9
Plane Step 9
Step 10
Origami Plane Step 10
Step 11
Origami Plane Step 11
● Lastly, unfold the wings a little away from the body.
Step 12
Origami Plane Step 12
● Now, you are ready to fly
Another origami object that is sure to be a hit with kids is a bunny box. All you require is a double-sided origami paper and these step-by-step instructions to make a bunny box.
Besides the few techniques mentioned, there are numerous other paper folding techniques that can be used to create stunning paper craft. The key to mastering this art form, as is the case with any art, is practice and patience. So, what are you waiting for try these techniques and marvel at your own creativity.