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Extremely Easy Steps That Can Be Used to Make a Paper Knife

Easy Steps to Make a Paper Knife
Do you want to know how to make a paper knife? It's pretty easy if you follow the steps. CraftCue will show you how simple it is to make kitchen knives and even kunai throwing-knives, using paper.
Akshay Chavan
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Did You Know?
The Japanese kunai knife was originally intended only for gardening and climbing purposes, before it went on to become popular as a combat weapon.
Origami is the ancient Japanese art of making sculpted shapes by simple paper-folding techniques. It began sometime in the 17th century, and has spread worldwide since then. The technique of making paper knives is also a part of this art, though more appropriately, it can be called a part of Kirigami, since it involves cutting and pasting methods.

Using a single sheet of paper, it is possible to make a paper knife of various types, such as a kitchen knife, kunai knife, and even a Filipino butterfly knife. These knives are commonly shown in video games and movies, and have captured the imagination of children worldwide. Given below are easy, step-by-step instructions on making a kitchen and Japanese kunai knife, and both methods make use of simple sheets of paper.
Making a Paper Kitchen Knife
Material Required
► Printing paper sheet
► Pair of scissors
► Stapler/roll of tape

Step 1: Take a rectangular sheet of paper (for example a printing paper sheet). 8½ inches by 11 inches is a good size. Fold the top right corner of the paper over the left edge, such that the upper edge and the left edge are exactly in line, making a right-angled triangle at the top, and leaving out a rectangle below it.

Step 2: Using a pair of scissors, cut the rectangular piece from the bottom.
Cut paper
Step 3: Unfold the triangle to get a square. Fold this piece of paper a few times, making sure the edges line up. Finally, you will get a rectangular, stick-like shape.
Fold paper
Step 4: Using a pair of scissors, make an oblique cut at one of the top edges of the stick, to shape it like a kitchen knife's blade.

Step 5: Using a stapler, staple the blade in the middle to keep it together. You can color the staples if you want to hide them.
Make blade
Step 6: To make the handle, take the rectangular piece of paper from step 2. Cut it such that it is about an inch longer than the slanted part of the blade. After that, you can fold it to the desired width.

Step 7: Place the handle across the blade, about 2 inches away from the rectangular end of the blade. Staple the blade and handle together.

Step 8: The knife is ready. You can even paint or decorate it if you want.

Note: You can use tape for all the steps mentioned above where a stapler has been used.
Make handle
Making a Paper Kunai Knife
Material Required
► 2 square sheets of paper (slightly different size)
► Pair of scissors
► Stapler/roll of tape
► Penny and pencil (optional)

Step 1: Take two square sheets of paper with one piece being smaller than the other.

Step 2: Using the smaller piece, fold one corner across the paper to make a triangle.
Fold paper
Step 3: Then fold one edge of the triangle across, halving the triangle.
Fold edge
Step 4: Unfold the triangle formed in the above step to get the triangle of step 2 with a crease running down the middle.

Step 5: Take the smaller edge of the triangle and fold it downward along the middle crease.
Fold edge
Step 6: Keeping the above fold intact, roll the paper to form a cone-like structure.

Step 7: Flatten the cone and insert the remaining bottom corner into the hole of the cone below it to form a kunai shape. This will be the blade.
Insert edge
Step 8: Taking the other larger square piece of paper, roll it to form a stick for the kunai. If you want a hard stick, you can roll the paper over a pencil. Tape the roll to keep it intact. A smaller pencil should be used and the extra paper should be flattened.
Roll paper
Step 9: Insert the stick into the hole of the kunai. Tape it or staple it to the blade.

Step 10: The extra paper of the stick formed should be looped and stick the loop around the edge using tape, to form a circular shape. This loop is the handle of the kunai.
Make handle
Step 11: Insert a heavy object into the hole of the blade to make it easy to throw. A penny would be a suitable object. Tape the hole of the blade shut, or staple it. The kunai knife is ready.
Insert penny
So now you know that you are always just a few simple steps away from making any paper knife. It can be an interesting hobby and will help you make good use of your free time. More importantly, these knives are safe, so kids can make and play with them without anyone getting hurt.