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Simple and Fun Crafts for Girls That'll Spark Their Creativity

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 14, 2019
Be it a birthday party or a leisure activity on a Sunday afternoon, indulging in fun crafts is the ideal way to spend your time.
One way to harness your girl's creativity is to introduce her to the arts and crafts. This will ensure her all round development as well. Studies have indicated that teens and young girls who dedicate time in pursuing arts and crafts, fare well scholastically and can deal with things like peer pressure.
Fun crafts are also a good way for parents and children to bond and to spend some quality time together. Here are some ideas for easy fun crafts for girls.


Material Required:
  • Beads
  • Thread
  • Needle


♠ Buy beads from your local gift store. There are many varieties available like glass beads, shell beads, wood beads, and more.

♠ Once you have chosen the beads, take a thread or elastic and with the help of a needle, carefully sow the beads into it.
♠ You can use a bottle cap as a pendant with your favorite picture inside it and by coloring the top half.

♠ You can wear this unique designer jewelry around your neck or around your ankle. It also looks very pretty as a bracelet and guarantees that your friends will want to learn how to make it.

Dove Purse

Material Required:

» Zip Lock Bags
» Big Hair Pin
» Glitter
» Buttons
» Glue


✤ Get two zip lock bags and place them over each other in such a way that one-fourth of their bottom halves overlap each other.

✤ Make sure that the openings of both bags are in the opposite direction; glue the bottom halves of the bags to each other. Cover the surface of the bags with a thin layer of glue and stick glitter and colorful buttons on them.
✤ You can even make a design to showcase your initials; this can be a very unique and personal touch.

✤ In the end, take the hair pin and clamp it in such a way that you split the zip lock bags in two perfect halves to resemble the wings of a dove. Paint the hair pin with the color of your choice.

Sleep Buddy

Material Required:

» Cloth Sheet
» Cotton/Foam
» Needle and Thread
» Buttons
» Paint


♦ Draw a picture of your favorite sleep buddy (character or animal) on a piece of cloth, then put another piece of cloth below it. Cut out the picture so you have two sheets that are cut alike.

♦ Paint the outline of your sleep buddy on the cloth, and then add the physical characteristics.
♦ For example, if it's a teddy bear, you can sow on black buttons for its eyes and sow on the end of your socks for its ears.

♦ Stuff one of your socks with cotton or foam and sow it on the bear as a tail. In the end, sow the two identical pieces of cloth together half way, stuff the hollow part between them with cotton or foam, and sow them all the way up.
Let your imagination flow and come up with new ideas for fun crafts and put them to use immediately. After all, 'action is the magic word'.