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Extremely Fascinating and Fun Things to Do With a Glue Gun

Fun Things to Do With a Glue Gun
Be it a school project, home decor craft, or a work of carpentry - a glue gun is an integral part when it comes to giving a concrete shape to your fancy. It reduces the workload by making things appear in an organized manner. Besides, you can have a fun time with your family with other creative things that you can do with a glue gun.
CH Mridula
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Glue gun blisters
Though doing stuff with a glue gun is fun, equally difficult is to come clear without blisters from a hot gun. If you accidentally drop hot glue on any area of your skin, immediately immerse the affected part in cold water till the burning sensation goes. Then treat it with a dab of olive oil on a cotton ball, and slowly remove the glue drop.
Jute rope mat
It's time to get those ropes lying idle in your cabinets and put them to work. Roll the rope in a neat spiral by placing it on a plain surface, stick each spiral with the previous one using a glue gun, and you just created a beautiful table mat to put beneath your plates and glasses. Customize the spirals according to your need of the size for the mat.
Driftwood ball
Give your home a light and open feeling - make it look like a beach-side house. How? Step into your porch, a park, or a garden, and pick similar-sized sticks and wood shelves. Join them in any geometrical shape, such as a circle, a cube, or a hexagon, with the help of a relevant base and a glue gun. Use them as part of your decor. You can also use them as lamp-shades in your study room.
Paper clip bookmarks
Along with its cover, what makes a book beautiful is a nice, decorative bookmark. Want to spice up your regular looking paper clips and bookmarks? Take a glue gun and a few buttons, and paste them over the head of the paper clips, and voila! The clips and bookmarks look more attractive.
Winter season implies that it's time for Christmas. Holidays, lots of food, and lots of fun with family. So this Christmas, when you are decorating the tree, put your glue gun at the creative end. Take a wooden plank and draw patterns of snowflakes. Draw icicles with the help of a flexible metal wire to give them a concrete shape, and enjoy your winter holidays.
Beautiful photo frame
Your house is studded with photographs of some of the most cherished moments of your life in photo frames. Do you want to give these a new touch? Take a glue gun, some unused colorful beads or stones, and decorate your old photo frames, to give them a fresh new look.
You have redecorated your room, but is your mirror getting along with this new visage of your sweet home? If no, then it's time to decorate your mirror as well. Take some leftover recyclable plastic spoons, cut their heads, and stick them around your mirror close to each other like flower petals.
Finger puppets
A small tattered piece of cloth or a tiny wearied-off sock can be a potential entertainment source for your kids. Take a small piece of cloth, cut it to the size of your finger, and paste it with the help of a glue gun. Further, decorate it with beads, woolen threads, and buttons, to look like a puppet. Make your kids' story night an interesting one by enacting the stories with these finger puppets.
Hair band
Jazz up your old hair band with the help of a few leftover buttons, cloth flowers, or any small trinket you want to adorn your hair with. Place them on your hair band, fix them with a glue gun, and you're good to go! The next time you go for a cocktail party, girls' night, or any outdoor tour, carry your hair band with you and boast of your creative side among your friends.
Instead of selling your old newspapers and books, put them to a more creative use. Take each paper and roll it up into a neat paper flower. Now stick each paper flower with the help of a glue gun stick to form wreath. Put this outside and see how beautiful your porch door will look!
Felt flowers
Take a plain cloth, cut it into small triangular pieces, and join the two corners of each piece with a glue gun to make it look like a petal. Now glue all the petals together to form a flower, as big as you want. Although it is a bit time-consuming, it is a fun art to do with your kids for a school project, to give your sofa pillow a new look, or to decorate your little one's clothes with some pretty felt flowers.