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Fun Winter Craft Ideas

Kevin Devoto Nov 2, 2019
Whether you are enjoying a snow day, or your children are at home for winter vacation, it can sometimes be difficult to find activities to fill the time. Here are some crafts you can do that are fun, cost-effective, and that the whole family will love.


Christmas tree ornaments are fun to craft and can be made out of almost anything. For most do-it-yourself ornament activities, the materials are things you can find around your house, or that you can purchase at your local craft store for relatively low cost.
Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you can design snowflakes and other winter-themed decorations to hang around the house. Some common ornament designs and materials include felt, popsicle sticks, burlap, paper, and yarn.
Cut paper or felt into stars and glue gems onto them, or fill clear plastic ball ornaments with glitter to create beautiful snow globes that will sparkle on your tree or bannister. The possibilities are endless.


No-sew blankets have become a popular hobby and gift, especially over the past few decades. Often, these blankets are made with fleece fabric, and they can come in any color, size, or design. Purchase some fleece in your child's favorite pattern and stow it away for a day when they want more than toys to play with.
Your family can also spend the day making these types of blankets as gifts for loved ones that are customized especially for them. Fleece is an ideal fabric choice because it is durable and machine washable, but does not lose its soft texture. After you are done, you can snuggle up with your new winter blanket made especially for the colder winter months.

Bird Feeders

Although many animals tend to hibernate to stay warm in the winter, birds are still active and looking for food sources. Bird feeders are an easy, fun craft that can keep your children entertained, and they can hang the bird feeder in the window or on the porch to see the fruits of their labor.
You can cover a pinecone, toilet paper tube, or piece of bread with peanut butter, then roll it in bird seed. Bird seed can be purchased in bulk and your children can customize the size and shape of their feeders as well. Keep an eye out for winter birds such as cardinals, blue jays, and woodpeckers.

Snow Ice Cream

If your family is craving a sweet snack that is unique to winter, snow ice cream is always a good option. With sugar, milk, salt, vanilla extract, and of course, fresh snow, you can whip up a delicious dessert in minutes. Make it fun for your children by sending them out to gather the falling snow.
You can even customize your desserts like you would ice cream, with toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, and caramel drizzle. For an adult twist, add in your favorite flavored liquor and mix it in. This snow ice cream makes a wonderful treat, especially on a snow day, for the entire family to enjoy.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Another great do-it-yourself activity, designing personalized ugly Christmas sweaters will ensure that you and your loved ones show up to holiday functions in style. You can purchase some standard supplies in bulk at your local craft store and get creative, using felt, yarn, rhinestones, or even tinsel.
Be sure to use materials that will stay on the fabric in the wash, and supervise young children around small crafting parts, such as beads. These sweaters will provide warmth as well as a unique design that will make plenty of memories this holiday season.
Whether you are designing decorations for your Christmas tree or making a refreshing dessert, with these activities, you are guaranteed to keep your entire family entertained and happy, no matter how long the winter season.