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Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Mamta Mule Apr 21, 2019
Searching for some nice graduation cap decoration ideas? Well, if you are all set to attend your graduation ceremony with the right attire graced with a graduation gown, here are some ideas to help you add a unique touch to the graduation cap and look a class apart!
As you make preparations for attending the graduation day, graduation caps can't be missed out. These form the primary part of your attire along with the graduation gown. While the cap and gown give a uniform look to the graduates, one can choose to decorate their cap to give it a unique look and hence, don an out-of-the-crowd appearance.
Well, decorating these caps is not a tough job with the number of accent pieces available in the market. Here are some graduation cap decoration ideas to help you beautify the same.

Ideas to Choose From

Graduation caps have a flat square shaped top with a tassel hanging from its center. Black caps are much common, you can also find colored caps designed to match the colored gown. You will have to choose the right colored accent pieces and contrast paint colors while decorating it.

Letters and Numeric

One of the most popular and wonderful ideas is writing messages or quotes on it. Many prefer writing messages or phrases like 'Thanks Mom and Dad', 'Love you Mom and Dad', 'Class of 2011', 'Genius GRAD' or even their own names.
Another great way to jazz up your cap is by keeping it plain and asking your friends to sign over it with colorful sketch pens. You can also write names of your friends on this cap in a creative way. With glitter pens and foam letters or letter stickers you can have the cap nicely decorated while writing on it.

Beautify with Embellishments

Tiny and large embellishments are a fave of girls. They often use these for decorating their caps in a unique way. You can use craft embellishment items like small mirrors, glitter stars and stickers, sequins available in various shapes, pastel colors and metallic buttons, plain and decorative beads, transparent and colorful crystals to glamorize your caps.
Craft glue and thread can be used to attach the chosen accessories to your cap in a well-defined pattern. You can choose to add wordings with glitter paint to an embellished cap.

Laces and Dangling Accessories

Apart from the aforementioned fancy items, there are few more pieces which are commonly used. Ribbons are most commonly used to softly fancify the piece.
A single border of thin satin ribbon which has a color contrasting with the color of the cap can instantly add spice to the piece. Further you can use laces and lovely trims to play up the caps. Let me tell you that there is a huge variety available in colored, metallic, lace, elastic or thick fabric trims in the market.
Pick the lace floral trim or the ruffled trim, choice is yours! Bows, fabric flowers and feathers can be further used to beautify your cap. Once you pick the right colored and size cap it is time to start off with the decorations.
Your group can decide to have a uniform looking set of graduation caps by decorating them in the same way. The only factor that you need to consider before starting the procedure of decorating your cap is whether it is rented or purchased. If the piece is rented you will have to use only such materials which can be easily taken off.
You will have to return a rented cap in same good condition, without any decorations. So, it is essential to think well and then add decorative accents to your cap. There are many elements like laces, ribbons and pins which you can add for decoration purpose and take off later without damaging the cap.