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Handmade Card Ideas for Kids

Hey, Kids! Let's Enjoy Crafting With These Handmade Card Ideas

Making cards is a good activity for kids to do in their free time. Here are some handmade card ideas that kids will enjoy doing.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019
little girl makes homemade Christmas card
Kids usually love to spend their free time playing indoors or outdoors. However, you can also make them indulge in participating in an arts and crafts activities.
Little Girl Making Christmas Card
Making handmade cards is a good option that your kids will definitely enjoy doing. Moreover, they can present these cards to their friends or family members. If you are confused about how to make them, then here are some unique ideas.
Card Ideas for Children
Child Drawing at Home
If your kid is good at drawing, then he can draw something on a card.
Give him a 5x4 inches folded card. You can ask him to draw anything he likes such as flowers, scenery, cartoon characters, unique geometrical designs, sketches or anything that inspires him. Another creative idea is to draw 3-4 small drawingsbordered with colorful sketch pens and then paste them creatively on the card to make it look more attractive.
Woman looking at photos
Select your favourite old family photograph, scan and print it on a greeting a card.
Christmas Holiday Greeting Card
Make sure to leave a little space on one side of the photograph. You can use this space to write a sweet message or draw some designs.
Desk Calendar
Why throw away old calendars? They have beautiful images on each page.
You can use either a wall or desktop calendar. Choose just one image and make it a part of your card. You can use ribbons and bows to decorate the empty space.
Christmas Tree
Child making decoration for Christmas
Take light green card paper and draw an outline of a Christmas tree on it and make a cutout. Now, take dark green card paper and cut out a smaller Christmas tree than the previous one.
Mother And Children Making Christmas Cards Together
Stick the larger tree on the Christmas card and then glue the smaller tree over the large one. This will give a shadowy effect to the tree. Then, decorate it with glitter and sequin. Also, draw stars and bells in the empty space and fill them with more glitter. Write a cute Christmas message to finish it off.
Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Lettering Greeting Card
If you are planning a birthday party for your child, then it's a good idea to make handmade invitations. Your kid will love distributing the invites to his friends.
Girl making Card
You can ask him to draw a few balloons and write a small invitation note. Leave an empty space for writing the name of the person to be invited. Make as many cards as the number of guests invited. You can add details like cakes, snowmen, candles, and the like.
children making Christmas cards
The best part is that handmade cards don't require expensive items to make them from. You can experiment with different colors and textures of card papers to make the cards more attractive. These craft exercises will help them to explore their creativity.