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Handmade Paper Flower Methods That are Ideal for Beginners

Sonia Nair Oct 8, 2018
Though paper flowers cannot replace the original, handmade ones are always appreciated. Here are some tips to make paper flowers.
Original flowers are always preferred to artificial ones. However, artificial flowers would be ideal for those who want something long-lasting. They can be made from different materials, in various ways. Materials, like cloth, paper, plastic, or clay can be used for this purpose.
If you are looking for a low-cost and easily available material, then paper is the best. It is suited for kids and beginners. It is available in various types, like tissue paper, newspaper, wax paper, wrapping paper, crepe paper, etc.

Handmade Paper Flower Methods

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper is very widely used for making handmade paper flowers. You may use brightly-colored papers, or opt for shimmering or metallic ones.
In order to make tissue paper flowers, you need tissue papers of your choice, scissors, and floral wire (or pipe cleaners).
  • You can use large or small tissue paper package. If you go for the small one, like the common pack with eight tissue papers, you have to cut it in half for making medium-sized flowers. In case of large packs, cut the paper to eight-inch squares.
  • Once the paper is cut, stack five to eight papers one over the other, so that the edges match perfectly. The next step is to fold the papers jointly in accordion style. Make sure that the folds are even and have a breadth of around one inch.
  • You can shape the petals by cutting the edges with scissors. If you want curvy petals, then round both the edges. For sharp tipped petals, you have to cut the edges to points.
  • The next step involves attaching the stems. You can either use pipe cleaners or floral wires for this purpose. All you have to do is to tie one end of the pipe cleaner or wire through the center of the folded paper.
  • Once you secure the pipe cleaner/wire to the folded paper, separate the folded layers. Arrange the paper petals in such a way, that it resembles an open flower.
You can experiment with different types of tissue paper. Even the pattern of petals can be changed. The bigger the paper size, the bigger the flowers. The same applies to the density of petals, which is directly proportional to the number of papers used.

Newspaper Flowers

Newspaper is a commonly available material, which can be used for making paper flowers. You need newspaper, scissors, paint, brush, green pipe cleaners (or wire and floral tape), and buttons.
  • Spread the newspaper, and paint it in different colors. Let the paper dry. Meanwhile, collect container lids of different sizes, but circular in shape. Place the lids on a cardboard (or any thick paper) and trace the shapes.
  • Cut circles of different sizes from the cardboard. Use them as templates for cutting circles from the painted newspaper. You may also use the lids directly, for cutting circles from the newspaper. Once done, you have circles of different sizes and colors.
  • Crumble the circles slightly and flatten them. Attach a colorful button to one end of the pipe cleaner and secure it tightly. Stack four to five circles one over another, so that the smallest comes first (on top). Make sure that the colored sides face upwards.
  • Make a small hole through the center of the stacked circles, and insert the free end of the pipe cleaner through the hole. Make sure that you are inserting the pipe cleaner through the side that has the smallest flower.
  • You can secure the base of the flower to the pipe cleaner with floral tape. You may also replace pipe cleaner with floral wire covered with floral tape. Your handmade paper flowers are ready for display.
These are among the simplest and inexpensive methods for making paper flowers. This can be a fun activity for kids as well.