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Instructions for a Marvelous Homemade Pinata to Pump Up the Party

Sonia Nair Mar 14, 2019
Nowadays, pinata games are common in parties, especially those on kids' birthdays. If you are interested in homemade pinatas, then, here are some instructions for making one.
Whether it be kids or adults, everyone loves pinata games. We all know that pinatas are colorful containers made of cardboard or other easily breakable materials. These containers are filled with goodies and the blindfolded participants have to break them open with batons.
The history of pinata has been traced back to the period of Aztecs and other native people of Mexico. It was related to their religious beliefs and culture. They used hollow clay sculptures filled with goodies that were collected by believers, as God's gifts.
With time, this practice was adopted in other parts of the world, in different forms. Nowadays, you may find it as a common event in birthday parties.
As kids love this game, pinatas are usually decorated with colorful paper and are filled with candies, toys, etc. You may also find newer versions of pinatas that are attached with strings.
These pinatas are not meant to be broken with sticks, but have to be opened by pulling the strings. This was introduced due to the safety concern about the older type, which has to be broken by the blindfolded participants with batons. Today, you can find a wide range of pinatas in the market, but, you may make one at home too.

How to Make a Pinata at Home

So, you can buy pinatas in different colors, designs and shapes. However, making one at home can be an interesting fun activity for kids as well as adults. Apart from that, you can save some money too. Here are some tips for making a homemade pinata.

Balloon Pinata

One of the easiest methods to make a pinata is with balloons. You may choose a round-shaped one, as big as you need. You may also opt for balloons with other shapes, if you want to. Round-shaped ones can be easily transformed into other forms, with the help of attachments.
Take a newspaper and shred it into one-inch thick strips and keep aside. Now, take a pot and add some flour and water (1:2 ratio). Cook the mixture on low heat, till it forms a loose paste. Remove from heat and store in a container with lid.
Apply the paste on one side of the paper strips and stick them (one by one) over the balloon in a single layer, so that the entire balloon is covered. Make sure to leave some space on the top, to add the goodies.
You may stick one or two additional layers over the first one, but, not before the previous layer dries completely. Wrap a string or wire around the balloon and stick it with glue or mask tape or clear tape, so that you can suspend the pinata.
As the paper covering dries out completely, use color papers and other attachments for decorating the balloon and for making different shapes.
Now, add the goodies into the balloon through the opening that has to be closed with the paper strips and glue (papier-mâché), once you are done with the task. You may also decorate the stick with color paper strips. Now, your homemade pinata is ready for the party.

Paper Bag Pinata

Paper bags are perfect for making pinatas, especially, those pumpkin-shaped ones. Take two paper grocery bags, big enough to hold your goodies. Place one bag inside the other and fill it with goodies. If there is still space left, you can fill it with crushed newspaper.
This is necessary because, the bag has to be filled, so as to retain the pumpkin shape. Now, hold together the open ends and tie them, so that the end looks like a stem of the pumpkin.
While, tying, make sure that the handles are folded down. This helps in forming a loop through which, you can tie and suspend the pinata. Once done, shape the bag by tucking in the corners. Use an acrylic paint to color the surfaces.
You may also go for other decorations, as per your choice. Make sure that the paint is completely dry, before hanging this pinata. If you want, you may opt for attachments to this paper bag, for a differently shaped pinata.
In short, making pinata at home is not at all difficult, if you have enough time and a small amount of creativity. These are some easy methods for making pinatas.
You may splurge your creativity to come up with different shapes, colors, designs, models, etc. So, plan for a homemade pinata for your kid's next birthday party.