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How to Make Balloon Hats

Priya Johnson Mar 3, 2019
Balloon hats are gaining popularity rapidly across the globe. The versatility of balloons have made it possible to make all sorts of funny and innovative hats known to mankind.
Balloon hats, an international and multicultural phenomenon, has been attracting people across the globe.
This concept was introduced to the world by two innovative individuals: Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert. Balloon twister Addi Somekh and photographer Charlie Eckert took off on a ten-year mission to create a photo art book.
They traveled to 34 countries, twisted more than 200,000 balloons and have over 12,000 photos of different people wearing all kinds of innovative balloon head-gear prepared by them.
Balloon hats are prepared by twisting long, skinny balloons into joined sections, such that they hold their shape and fit onto the head. Also popularly known as the inflatable crown, these balloon hats bring a smile on faces all around the world.

Making Balloon Hats

One requires long balloons and a pump to make gorgeous balloon hats. Making balloon hats is easy and once the skill has been mastered, one can get as creative as possible and come up with master pieces.
Referring to some balloon twisting tips and tricks can help making balloon hats easier. To start off, there are some simple steps which will help a beginner make balloon hats.
● The first step is to take the long balloons and blow them with the pump, until they are ¾ full.
● Next tie two of the long balloons together at their mouthpieces.
● To make the hat's rim, one should measure a little more than a foot down each balloon, and then gently twist the balloons until they stay together. The hat rim is ready.
● Take the third balloon and tie it to the front mouthpieces, gently forming a curve. This balloon should be allowed to run over the top (where the head will be) and then twist it back with the other two joined balloons.
● The pieces sticking out of the back are to be bent and tied to the base (by twisting).
For a shaved poodle look, one can try squeezing out a portion of the air from the balloon. If one wishes to have beads or balls attached to the hat, then one can twist small fist-sized sections and attach it to the hat.
The trick behind achieving a crazy hat is that the bigger and crazier the balloon hat gets, the better! One can add as many balloons as one desires to the balloon base. However, since the hat has to be worn on the head, one should ensure symmetry for balance.

How to Make Birthday Hats with Balloons

Balloons and birthday hats have been popularly loved by children for centuries. If these two items have been a hit with children independently, then the combination is sure to work!
Balloon birthday party hats will definitely add color to the party, and keep the children excited and occupied. The party hats can be made according to different party themes such as animal party hats, country themes, fruits, vegetables, fairies, etc. Here is an idea that can be used for a birthday party hat.
Beetle Hat:
● Choose two different colors of balloons and inflate ¾ of the balloon. The rest ¼ of the balloon is to be left as it is, so as to bear semblance to a tail. However, one should make sure that the tail lengths of both the balloons are equal. Tie a knot, but make sure the knot is not too tight.

● Next twist a bubble from the tail end in each balloon and lock them together.
● For the nose, make a pinch twist in one of the balloons. Next, make a loop that will be big enough to fit the head, and twist the balloons together at the end opposite to the nose.
● Once the loop for the head is ready, and the balloons are firmly twisted in place, one should roll the loose knot made at the time of inflation. When the knot is loosened, the air beyond the head loop will get released. The extra balloon piece can be cut and discarded.
● For the eyes, inflate a white balloon at one end of the balloon to form the size of a fist. Tie a knot on either of the fist shaped bubble, and twist it into half.
● The eyes are ready and are to be pushed on the nose to the back of the head, and are to be tied together. The excess tail is to be discarded.
● As of now, the eyes are at the back of the head, which are now to be pushed between the antenna's and nose towards the front. Draw eyeballs on to the white balloon eyeballs.
● For the complete effect of the antennae, poodle tails are to be created. The beetle hat is ready!
These steps on how to make party hats with balloons can be modified according to individual preference. Balloon hats are great for all kinds of parties such as costume parties, birthday parties, parades, etc.
However, one must be careful while placing the hats on younger children, as their eardrums are very sensitive, therefore the hat should not be near the ears.