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Discover How to Make Creative and Cute Barrettes With Ribbons

Madhura Pandit Sep 23, 2018
Barrettes, of different designs and patterns, are always a favorite among women, and are never out of fashion. Making barrettes with a ribbon is a creative and fun-filled activity. Here is a step-by-step procedure for the same.
Barrettes are pins used by women to hold their hair in place. They can be of different sizes, colors, designs and patterns. There are even attractive, decorative barrettes that are worn like jewelry in the hair.
Making barrettes with ribbons is a simple process and can make an interesting DIY project. Here is the step-by-step process of making beaded barrettes and hair bows.

Things Required

Most of the things required are easily available at home. Plain barrettes of different shapes and colorful ribbons can be easily obtained from stores.
  • Plain barrette
  • Colorful ribbon of your choice
  • Colorful buttons, shells or stones
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Glue


➡Take a colorful ribbon of your choice. You can even look for bright, sequin, or patterned ones. Cut them in one length.
➡ Now, make a figure of 8 by folding the ribbon twice. You can glue or stitch at the center so that it remains in place.
➡ Next, gather all the folded ribbons as shown here to make a bow. You can even sew a button at the center.
➡ Paste the bow onto the barrette. You can further decorate it according to your creativity!


>>You can make a simple barrette by using a colorful or satin ribbon. An attractive ribbon, like a sequined ribbon, can easily turn a plain barrette into a trendy and elegant one. You just have to cover the entire barrette with the ribbon and stick it with the glue.
>>You can even make smaller bows of two loops by cutting it twice the single length and twice the tail length. You can stick these bows along the entire barrette with glue. Your little girl will love this cute barrette.
>>Tiny colorful ribbons can be braided and stuck along the barrette with the help of the glue. Do not forget to cut the edges and seam it before pasting. Use colorful threads for the braids, and paste them horizontally or vertically on the barrette.
>>You can be creative and use multicolored stones, beads or sequins to make an ornamental barrette. These barrettes can be worn with wedding gowns.
>>You can look for ready-made lace or silk flowers in the market to make flower barrettes. Paste a ribbon and flowers on top of the barrette with a glue.
>>Beads can be sewed on the barrette with the help of a needle and thread. You just have to thread in the beads that you wish to decorate your barrette with. Once you have completed it, you can thread it around the barrette and tie the thread at the clasp. Colorful beaded barrettes look always fashionable.
As you can see, making barrettes with ribbon is quite simple and easy, you just need creativity and some patience.