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How to Make Bow Using Different Materials

Sheetal Mandora Nov 18, 2018
Making attractive bows to tie to your hair is a fun activity for any age. Read the more to find easy-to-follow steps to make bows using different materials.

Making a Bow ...

With Colorful Ribbons

There are various methods you can adopt such as a single bows, multi-loop bows, and synthetic hair bows. With adorable hair clips, different colored ribbons, and rubber bands, you can turn any hairstyle extraordinary.
  • Comb your hair and gather it with your hands in the center. Take a ribbon and tie a knot to fasten it.
  • Make two loops of the ribbon and do a bunny ear shoelace knot. Bring them together, cross the top loop over the other and pull it through the hole that's created. Make sure the ends are straight, both loops are on top, horizontally, and tails at the bottom.

For a Headband

With the help of some colorful fabric, pins, and fabric glue, you can turn a plain headband into a glamorous one. Here's how you can embellish a headband with a cute bow.
  • Take a satin, velvet, or silk fabric, mark two pieces 5x3 inches each, and cut it. Now cut two more pieces of 3x3 inches each. Now you have 2 pairs of fabrics in different sizes.
  • Take the 5x3 inch pieces, and place the right sides with each other, and secure 3 sides with pins.
  • Leave ¼ inch seam, and sew the sides which are pinned. Once you reach each corner, pivot the fabric, so that you won't have to sew 3 different seam lines.
  • Now cut off the edges from the fabric without cutting into or through the seam. Flip the bag over to show the right side, and turn the points outside.
  • For the fourth open side, pin it ½ inch inside. Leave about ⅛ inch space at the edge and perform a top-stitch.
  • Now for the 3x3 inch pieces, repeat the set of 2nd-5th steps. Pin the smaller piece in the center of the other. To ensure the smaller piece stays in place, sew it from the back. Cut all loose ends.
  • With a fabric glue, place the bow over your headband.

With Real Flowers

You can basically make 2―4 different layers of the flower loop hair bow, and sew them together. The steps here show how to make one layer of the flower loop.
  • Choose 4 different colored ribbons, so that your bow looks that much attractive. For the bottom layer of the flower bow, cut six 9 inch pieces. The 2nd layer will be five 8 inches, the 3rd layer will be four 7 inches, and the 4th layer will be four 6 inches.
  • Once you have the bottom layer cut, make the outer ring of the loops. These loops will be the longest, so hold one end of the ribbon and fold it over making half 8 shape. Keep the length you desire. Hold it under your right thumb, and keep making more loops in a clockwise manner.
  • Come back to make a full circle, and sew the loops in the middle. Cut the excess ribbon from the edge.
  • This is the best time to glue your double prong alligator clip. After it dries off, repeat the steps for all 3 layers, and keep each layer smaller than the first one.
  • You can sew or glue each layers together from the middle. For additional safety, glue some more fabric on the clip once all the layers are on. Place your favorite center ornaments to accentuate the bow.