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How to Make and Decorate Candle Holders in Cute and Unique Ways

How to Make and Decorate Candle Holders
Candle holders enhance the beautiful glow of candles and add an aesthetic value to the decor. They can be thought of in various simple or elaborate designs and, what's better, made on our own in many simple ways!
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Apple Candle Holders!
For special occasions, you can make candle holders with fresh apples. Polish each apple with a soft cloth smeared with some cooking oil. Remove the stem and place the tealight on that part. Trace its circumference and use a sharp knife to scoop out the flesh, along the traced line. Make a slot that can accommodate the tealight. Your candle holder is ready.
When it comes to home d├ęcor, candles and candle holders hold a special place. Though they are easily available in stores, homemade ones are always special. They are also perfect for gifting. If you have a bit of creativity, and some spare time, you can come up with some unique candle holders.

Making candle holders is really easy, and all you need are some easily available household materials. You can make use of anything, like glass vases, tin cans, strings, beads, buttons, lace, confetti, wood, wire, jars, sticks, rope, stones, etc. So learn the art of transforming ordinary things to beautiful candle holders.
Trendy Tin Cans
red bucket candle stand
pink tin candle stand
Clean an empty vegetable tin can and remove the label. Cut a long piece of thick paper that fits around the can perfectly. Trace some simple designs on the paper. Use a marker and draw a series of dots through the lines. You have to stick the paper on the tin and punch holes into it, through the holes.

Fill water in the can and keep it inside the freezer overnight. The ice helps the tin can hold its shape, when you punch holes. Once you take out the can, stick the paper (with the design) on it. Place the can on paper towels or a wash cloth. Use a hammer and nail to punch holes through the dots. You may also use nails of different sizes. Once done, remove the ice and paint the can. You may also decorate the can as per your choice. Use copper wire to hang this candle holder.
Brilliant Beads
orange beaded candle holder
red candle holder
zulu mug candle holder
Beads can be used in two ways. You may either make candle holders using beads and beading wire, or else, use beads for decorating glass or tin containers and use them as candle holders. Using beads for decorating candle holders is an easy task than making a beaded one.
To make a candle holder using beads as decoration, you need a glass vase, small beads, jewelry glue, and beading thread. Apply glue on the outer surface of the vase. String the beads and stick one end of the thread to the bottom of the vase. Wrap it around the vase till the rim. While wrapping the vase with the beaded string, hold the wrapped parts tightly, so that the beads get adhered to the vase properly. You can use the candle holder, once the glue is completely dry.
To make a candle holder with beads, you need a base and the main structure. Use metal wire to make the main structure - two rings connected with long pieces of wire. The two rings form the top and bottom part and the wire pieces come on the sides of the structure. Cover the structure with the string of beads, leaving the top and bottom part. Stick a circular piece of sturdy cardboard as the base. Leave the top part open and your candle holder is ready to use.
Creative Concrete
concrete candle holders
In order to make cement candle holders, you need cement mix, a container for mixing cement, molds, oil, and spray paint (optional). Instead of store-bought molds, you may use cold drink bottles (the bottom part) or paper cups. You may also a make bigger ones that can hold multiple candles. In that case, use large cardboard boxes or plastic basins. Spray oil on the inner surfaces of the mold. Mix cement in the right consistency, and scoop it into the mold. Tap gently to remove air bubbles.

Once done, apply oil on the smaller mold and insert it into the cement. This is for making depressions in the cement, so as to make space for keeping candles. If you are using a large cardboard box as the larger mold, you may use small paper cups as the smaller molds. Press the mold into the cement and put some weight inside it so that it does not come up. You may also use tealight candles as smaller molds, if you intend to use them in the candle holders. Decorative materials, like beads, shells, and pebbles can be used at this stage. Once the cement gets dry, remove the candle holder from the mold. You may paint it before use.
Rustic Wood
rustic wooden candle holder
wooden candle holder
globe shaped wooden candle holder
Wooden logs can be transformed into amazing candle holders. All you need to do is to make holes in wooden blocks or logs, so that votive candles can be placed properly. Make holes according to the size of the wooden block and the candle to be used. You may use a desktop circular saw or a hand saw to cut the log to the desired size. Once done, make proper slots to place the candles.
You may replace the saw with a hammer and a chisel, if you are comfortable in using them. Otherwise use a rotary tool and a Forstner bit to make circular slots for the candles. Otherwise, a wood lathe can be used to make candle holders in different shapes.
Magnificent Mason Jars
Provence style table setting
glass candle holder
glass jar candle holder
glass jar candle holder centerpiece
Mason jars are among the most easily available materials that can be transformed to beautiful candle holders. Clean and dry them before decorating with the materials of your choice. Instead of mason jars, you may use regular glass jars too.
Glowy Glass
candle holder in a tall glass
fabric cup-shaped candle holder
glass candle holders with a decorative ribbon
black glass candle holders
green candle in a glass candle holder
designed glass candle holders
brown handmade candle stand
painted glass candle holder
candle holder decorated with lace
glass mosaic candle holder
Some Simple Ideas
candle lanterns on a table
simple wire and gem candle stand
decorated candle in a clay pot
shell shaped candle holder
candle can
bottles as candle holders
candle stand decorated with rope
In short, making candle holders on your own is a simple task, which does not require special skills or expertise. Even kids can make candle holders within no time. So splurge your creativity and come up with some unique candle holders.
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