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Creative Ideas for Making Jazzy and Unique Candle Holders

Mamta Mule Sep 23, 2018
Do you know how to make candle stands? These can be used to enhance the interior of a room. Here are some ideas for making candle holders.
The use of candle stands or holders is not at all limited only to hold the candles in place. Many of us use them as show-pieces in house, offices or hotels. They are available in many types and can be prepared out of a variety of materials.
Placing candle stands on the corner pieces, dining table or showcase definitely enhances the look of your house. In addition to this, you can, naturally, use them to place candles and the main part of decoration for a candle light dinner or a party is done.
Have you ever tried to make a candle holder? It is not a difficult task if you have an interest and a bit of creativity. You can use them to make a personalized gift for any occasion.

Mini-pumpkin Candle Stand

How about candle stands for your dining table made out of real pumpkins? Great idea, isn't it? Here's what you need to do.
1. Buy some healthy-looking mini pumpkins and long-stemmed candles for each one. You can buy the candles in various colors like red, orange, yellow, brown etc.
2. Make a hole at the center of the top side of the mini-pumpkin using a knife. The hole must be slightly smaller than the candle diameter.
3. Scoop out the insides with a spoon and put in the candle here. You can hold the candle base and apply slight pressure to it, to get it into the pumpkin. Push it down as far as possible.
4. Once you place this, you can have decorations around the pumpkin as well. Lit the candles and enjoy your candle light dinner.
You can also make a larger hole at the center top of the pumpkin using a knife. With a spoon scoop out the insides of this pumpkin. Now, take a corer and make holes all over the pumpkin's body. Don't make them very close to each other or in a straight line. Also, keep them about 2½ to 3 centimeters in diameter.
You can wash it and wipe off the water with a cotton cloth. Place a large base candle in the pumpkin, having height half inch less than the pumpkin. When you'll lit the candle, you'll see a beautifully patterned pumpkin. These can be best centerpieces for your table. You can also hang them using a decorative string to decorate your patios.

Beaded Candle Stands

The beaded ones look really different than the regular ones. Further they also can be made to match your home decor and perfectly beautify the look of your place. You can use any old glass jar, tumbler or any glass container and add your touch to make a beaded candle stand from it
Once you master the technique of gluing and wrapping the beads over the glass, you can easily prepare beaded holders of any size and shape. You'll need a small glass votive candle stand, jewelry glue, seed beads and beading thread.
1. Take the beading thread and string the beads into it.
2. Now cling the end of the bead strand to the bottom of the container with help of the glue.
3. Start the process of wrapping the beaded string along the length of the holder. Add a dab of glue after every inch during this process. If the beads are held tightly in the string, it will give a nice look.
4. Instead of sticking beaded strand in a straight line from top to bottom, glue it in a circular manner.
5. Stick one end of the strand to the bottom and keep rotating and sticking it on the holder in circular manner simultaneously, moving towards the top. Now, stick the other end inside the candle stand with the glue. Keep aside the holder for drying.
You can use beads of same color for a monochromatic look and mix and match different colors to have a jazzy candle stand. You can also use other types of beads, shells, fancy buttons, etc. to decorate the holder using the same procedure mentioned before. Mix and match different types, shapes and sizes of beads to create a unique home decor piece.
Now that you have learned how to make candle holders, just gather the items mentioned already and start your project. Unleash your creativity and imagination in beautification of your home with the decorative candle stands.