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How to Make a Cool Paper Airplane

Shashank Nakate Feb 15, 2019
Making a paper airplane is a simple task. Provided here are easy-to-understand instructions for this craft project.
In Japanese language, the art of making paper planes is known as kami hikouki. It is one of the paper crafts which is easy for kids to learn.
The designs of paper planes could range from simple ones that are completed in 5 steps to advanced paper gliders.


The steps that need to follow for making a paper airplane are explained here.

● To make the plane, one will require a sheet of paper that measures 8.5"x11".
● The paper should be folded in such a manner that the top edge of paper is aligned with the left side. The paper should be creased and then unfolded back to the original shape. The same process should be followed on the right side.
● The top corners should again be folded, so that they meet the bottom of the folds made earlier.
● One will see that an X-shape is formed by the creasing caused by earlier folds. The top portion of this 'X' should be made to touch the bottom.
● After creasing, the paper should be unfolded. With the help of the previous fold, the sides of the paper need to be brought to the center, while the top portion to the bottom. These folds need not be unfolded.
● A triangle-shaped fold formed by the paper can be seen with 2 sides, i.e., the right and left. Both the sides should be folded one after the other in such a manner that they touch the top.
● The bottom edge of the right triangle should be brought parallel to the central line.
● The top portion of the paper plane should be pushed below the previous/earlier fold.
● After all these steps, the top portion should again be folded backwards.
● The last step is to fold the bottom edge in such a manner that it is aligned with the upper paper flap.


There are different types and techniques for making paper gliders. There are many different types of paper planes. These include the Moth, Deltry, Canada Goose, Tumbler, Duck, Condor, Katydid, Spike, Zump and Slider, and the Origami Paper Airplane III. The procedure of making the Origami Paper Airplane III is given here.
● Take a square-shaped paper and fold it diagonally to make creases in an X-shape.
● Top and bottom edges of the paper should be folded and aligned with the diagonal of the square.
● The tip of the plane should be folded downwards and placed at a point where the top and bottom edges cross together. It should again be folded downwards to form a blunt shape/nose of the plane.
● The flaps of the paper airplane should be created by folding at the center. Using this technique, one can fly a nice paper airplane.
Making paper planes is a nice pastime activity. One could learn different types of planes at home with the origami techniques. You can make interesting and attractive shapes by following these procedures.