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How to Make a Cootie Catcher

Niharika Arya Mar 17, 2019
Cootie catcher can be easily made from a paper, pen and scissor. If you want to know the process of making cootie catcher or fortune teller, read further and enjoy the game with your friends.
Cootie catcher is one of the favorite games of the kids. It is also known by many names like fortune teller, scrunchie, chatterbox, etc. This origami toy can also be made at home. So, read on to know how to make cootie catcher and some of the ideas on the fortune teller.

Steps to Make a Cootie Catcher

Given steps will help you to make a cootie catcher out of paper. So, collect the materials required and start preparing it with the help of the instructions.

Material Required

● Sheet of paper
● A pair of scissors
● Pen or marker


1. Take a sheet of paper and fold one of its side diagonally so that it touches the other side of the paper. For example, take the right side of the paper and fold it diagonally so that it touches the left side. Now press the crease so that the paper looks like a triangle.
2. Now cut off the extra paper above the triangle so that the paper makes a proper triangle.

3. After cutting the paper open the fold. Now you have a perfect square with a crease in it.
4. Now if previously you have folded the left corner, then fold the right corner in the same way as you have done before. Press it to get a crease and open it. Now you will get a square with two diagonal lines which are intersecting at a middle point.
5. Now take the left corner and fold it so that the tip of the left corner touches the point where the lines are intersecting or you can say the middle point. Press it so that it remains in a folded form.
6. Repeat the same process with the right corner and then with the rest of the two corners. Once all the corners are folded you will see that all the tips of the corners are meeting at the middle point.

7. Now flip the paper so that you can see a square again. Fold the corners inward so that the corners again meet at the middle point of the square.
8. Fold the square so that it makes a rectangle. Now open it and fold it from the other side. Insert both the thumbs and the forefingers inside the four flap pockets. Press the fingers so that the tip of the corners meet at the center point.
9. Over the flap pockets write four names of color, or bird or anything which you want. Now flip the cootie catcher and write numbers from 1 to 8 on each triangles. Lift up the flap and write the fortune. You are ready with your cootie catcher.

Things to Write in a Cootie Catcher

Once you are ready with your cootie catcher, you will need to write some interesting things in it. On the top of the pocket flap, you can write the names of birds, weather, planets, colors, etc.
As there are only four flaps you can also color them instead of writing the names of the color. You can give the pictures with the names of the birds or flowers. Now let's come to the inner side of the cootie catcher.
When you see the inner side you can find eight triangles. Give each triangle a number starting from 1 to 8. After that, open the flap and write fortune inside it. Here are some of the ideas which will help you with this kid's craft.
  • You are a good boy/girl
  • You will get a gift today
  • Donate money
  • Give chocolate treat to someone
  • Going to get a new boyfriend/girlfriend
  • You will become the president of the United States
  • You will get a surprise
  • Take care of your money
  • Mom is cooking your favorite food.
  • You will top the class this year.
  • You might go for a long trip.
  • Going to get your favorite toy.
  • It's your lucky day today.
You can get some ready-made cootie catcher templates on the Internet which you can download and get a printout. Then you just need to follow the instructions given here and fold them as mentioned. Once you are done with the cootie catcher and the fortune telling ideas, it's time to play with this craft.