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How to Make a Duct Tape Skirt

Rohini Mohan Nov 22, 2018
You can make almost every accessory in the world using duct tape! All it requires is some imagination and a bit of patience. Making a duct tape skirt is not very difficult, and does not require too much of time or effort. Ask a friend to assist you, to make the task more fun.
Since duct tape is available in a variety of attractive colors, one can get quite tempted to apply those colors for making duct tape clothes!
While this may seem bizarre to many, the idea of having the privilege of flaunting your own fashion in reality is a dream come true for quite a few creative souls. Duct tape can be used to make bags, flipflops, shoes and wallets. People have even made complete duct tape dresses and three-piece suits, and actually worn them.

Making a Duct Tape Skirt

#1 - A-Line Duct Tape Skirt

  • The first step requires that you measure the size of your waist and hips, using a measuring tape. Note these down, on a piece of paper, for future reference.
  • Now, take the measurement of one of your favorite A-line skirts, so that you know how long and broad the duct tape skirt must be. If you do not have a skirt like it, use the measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror. Measure to figure out how long and broad you would like your skirt to be.
  • Let's assume that your skirt is knee-length and it thus 36 inches long and 36 inches broad from the base, while it is 30 inches from the waist.
  • Tear a duct tape so that it is 38 inches long, so that it is 2 inches longer than your expected skirt length. Now keep sticking more 38 inches long duct tapes, so as to make a duct tape fabric sheet. You will need to stick a part of the non sticky surface to the sticky side up of each tape.
  • Continue to do this until your duct tape sheet is 38 inches broad, thereby being 2 inches broader than the calculated size.
  • Now Repeat the procedure so that you cover the entire portion by sticking the two sticky sides with each other.
  • You have a 38 inch broad skirt fabric, which needs to be converted into an A-Line skirt, for which you will need to cut the extreme sides of the fabric, while ensuring the waist remains at 34 inches, or 4 inches more than the 30 waist size.
  • Cut the extra duct tape fabric so as to form a trapezium shapes design from your waist downwards. (The A-line pattern).
  • Now connect the two sides in order to make the skirt, while ensuring that it fits your waist. Let the skirt be 2 inches loose at the waist by being a size 32.
  • Seal the inner and front patch, where the two sides meet, using more strips of duct tape.
  • Now make a cut at the sides of the waist for adding loops. These loops can be made of duct tape too and are very easy to make. All you need to do is to make the loops by ripping a strip of duct tape into half and then cutting it into five long pieces, so as to make 5 loops.
  • Fix the buttons by sticking them to the skirt.
  • You're A-Line duct tape skirt is ready!

#2 - Duct Tape Mini Skirt

Will require you to once again, take the necessary measurements of the mid thighs, the hips and the waist, after which you will need to build on the duct tape fabric by staring from the base to the waist.
Cut off the excess sheet. Once again, you will need to either make loops or place an actual zipper on the side of the skirt or on the back of the skirt. You may use one of your own miniskirts for helping you through the measurements.
Once you learn making a duct tape skirt using basic designs, you will be able to progress to more complicated designs. This includes, making cheerleader duct tape skirts and skirts with frills. Hopefully, you have gained sufficient information from the mentioned instructions, in order to make your very own duct tape skirt.