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A Creative Yet Simple Tutorial on How to Make Fabric Flowers

Sonia Nair Oct 8, 2018
You can make fabric flowers on your own, with some easily available materials. Here are some simple methods to make such flowers.
Fabric flowers can be a nice addition to flower vases, dresses, headbands, and handbags. Making is really easy, if you have a basic idea about using raw materials.
Simple fabric flowers can be made with plain cotton, silk, or calico cloth, or even scraps. These simple methods do not involve complex stitching techniques.

Method I

In order to make fabric flowers, you need strips of cloth, which is not stiff. You may also use the leftover strips in your home. For smaller flowers, you have to use cloth strips of smaller sizes.
As the size of the strip increases, the flower gets bigger. In order to make a standard size fabric flower, you need a cloth strip, which is around one inch wide, with a length of about 40 inches. Apart from the cloth strip; you need thread, needle, buttons, and scissors.
Making flowers from cloth strips is really easy. The first step is to fold the strip lengthwise. Now, you have to make a running stitch along the folded edge. Once you reach the other end of the cloth strip, pull the thread gently, so that the fabric gathers up. Pull the thread, till the length of the fabric becomes half of the original size.
The next step is to arrange this strip in consecutive layers, without cutting it. You have to arrange it spirally, so as to form a flower. Now, secure the different layers by stitching.

Method II

In this method, you need a cloth of your choice, to make petals. Materials, like needle, thread, scissors, and colorful buttons are also required.
Cut six pieces of 3x3 squares from the fabric. Now, take each piece and fold it in such a fashion, that the cloth piece forms a triangle. This can be done by bringing two of the opposite corners (of the square) together. Press these triangles firmly.
The next step is to make a running stitch through the open edges of the triangle. That means the open edges must be sewn together. Once, you reach the other end, gently pull the thread and the fabric piece will look like a petal.
Now, repeat the process to make petals out of the remaining triangles. Join them in a circle, so as to form a flower. You can form a single layer of petals or add more layers. Once you finish joining the petals, you can attach a button in the center. Your fabric flower is ready.
These are the simplest methods to make fabric flowers. The raw materials are easily available, and stitching is also minimal. You can experiment with various types of clothes, colors, designs, and patterns; and come up with beautiful and trendy fabric flowers. All you need is some time, patience, and lots of creativity.