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How to Make a Good Paper Airplane

Puja Lalwani Mar 12, 2019
Young or old, making and flying a paper airplane gives everyone an equal amount of pleasure. Read on to know how to make a good one.
The urge to fly a paper airplane is not limited only to kids. Sometimes we adults too, just want to set ourselves free, and indulge in what others may call 'childish' activities. Nothing is childish about wanting to fly a paper airplane.
In fact, to be able to make one and fly it is an art. And if you want to master this art, then follow the instructions described ahead. And once you have master the basics, there is no end to the variety you can create with your imagination!

Steps to Make a Paper Airplane

Here are the instructions of how to make a perfect airplane that flies far!
» Firstly, the paper you use should be rectangular. A sheet the size of notebook paper will suffice. Secondly, it should be slightly thick, like bond paper.

» Once you have the paper, fold it lengthwise, into halves. Ensure the crease at the fold is sharp and prominent.
» Now, fold the upper right corner of the paper diagonally, towards the crease mentioned earlier. Match the edges, and just as done earlier, ensure that this crease too, is sharp and prominent.

» Turn over the sheet, and repeat Step 3 with the upper left corner.
» Make one more diagonal crease, by sharply folding the right diagonal fold toward the first crease, and ensure that the edges match.

» Turn the sheet over, and repeat step 5 with the left diagonal fold. The sheet will now appear to be a right-angled triangle.
» One further fold, in the same manner as the steps mentioned earlier, will create the wings of the airplane. Now, hold the airplane in the center along the first crease, and push up the flat wings.
» 5 inches from the tip of the plane, rip a small ½ inch portion, and repeat the same a little behind it. Now, fold the paper between the two rips, upwards.

» Your new airplane is ready to fly. Just use a strong, forward push to set it off.

Steps to Make an Origami Paper Airplane

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding to create decorative objects, is very popular among kids and adults alike. It is supported by colorful and light origami paper.
✤ Take a sheet of square origami paper. Fold the sheet in equal halves, both, vertically and horizontally. You will now see a cross-like crease across the sheet.
✤ Now, further fold the left edge of the sheet inwards, till it meets the central crease on the sheet.

✤ Now, fold the top left corner of the paper diagonally, till it meets the central, horizontal crease. Repeat the same step with the bottom left corner of the sheet.
✤ You will notice the formation of one large triangle. Now, fold the tip of the triangle till it meets the base of the larger triangle at the center.

✤ Fold the tip of the small triangle upward, so that it folds over itself. This should be done in a way that the tip of the triangle protrudes slightly to make the nose of the airplane.
✤ Now, fold the paper horizontally into halves, to form the shape of the airplane.

✤ Fold the slanted edge of the plane towards the central crease. This will form the wing of the plane. Repeat the same step on the other side to create the other wing.

✤ Flare out the wings and hold it at the bottom to make it fly!
As mentioned earlier, you don't have to be a child to want to make a paper airplane. You can do it for the sheer joy of creating something out of nothing, or just to pass some time.
There are even competitions that require one to create the best paper airplane, and judge them on their stability and flying time. Whatever the reason may be, go ahead and make your own paper airplane, and have a good time!